Quentin Tarantino’s Classic Movies, ‘Pulp Fiction’ And ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Are Returning To Theatres


Christmas is comin’ early y’all and December is going to be a totally sweet month for Quentin Tarantino fans. We’ve seen the Django Unchained trailers, so there’s that to be ridiculously excited about. But we’re also getting word that two of Tarantino’s classics Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction– are coming back to the big screen for a very limited time. I for one, am overjoyed. Click inside to learn more!

Pulp Fiction Saves All.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs will return to the big screen for two single-night engagements in December.
Reservoir Dogs will bow Dec. 4, marking the film’s 20-year anniversary, and 1994’s Pulp Fiction — a best picture Oscar nominee and Palme d’Or winner at Cannes — will unspool two days later.

The films will be presented using new digital-cinema projection systems in more than 625 movie theaters nationwide. Each showing will include a bonus documentary highlighting Tarantino’s 20-year career and include a selection of handpicked movie trailers from films that inspired the filmmaker.

Also, on November 20, Miramax and Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release the Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection. Which is awesome! I don’t care that I’ve seen most of the films (still haven’t seen Jackie Brown!), this is gonna be fun. DVDs are great, but I’d love to see Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction on the big screen… and then go see Django Unchained a few weeks later. Sweeeet!

Anybody else think this is the best news ever?! Mr. Pink (and the world’s smallest violin) back on the big screen?! I love it!

And the infamous Like A Virgin opening scene!!! Agghhh:


  • Hold the hell up. You haven’t seen Jackie Brown? Shame on you. It was on Netflix instant for a year. Not sure if it’s back.

  • Shannon

    phatemokid, I’m as disappointed in me as you are right now, lol. But since December is the month of Tarantino, I promise to catch up by then. Oh and look! It is on Netflix :)