Mariah Carey Launches Her Own Line Of Nailpolish


Mariah Carey is well known for her many business endeavors, including the successful launch of her many celebrity fragrances. Today we learn that Mimi has teamed up with OPI to release a new line of nail polish which will be sold in the UK starting early 2013 — where it is referred to as nail lacquer. So now, Mimi’s British Lambs can not only smell like Mariah Carey but they can get their nails did like Mariah Carey, too. Click below to get your first look at Mimi’s new line of nail polish lacquer and learn more about this exciting new release.

Mariah Carey’s OPI Nail Lacquer range was previewed today to UK’s Beauty industry professionals at Harrod (Knightsbridge, London) … The good news for UK fans is that the range will also be released in the UK some time in January, 2013.

Professional Beauty: OPI revealed their latest celebrity collaboration: Mariah Carey by OPI. Within the eight limited edition shades (A Butterfly Moment, Sprung, Anti-Bleak, Pink Yet Lavender, Can’t Let Go, The Impossible, Stay the Night, and Get Your Number) four feature OPI’s brand new Liquid Sand technology. Tapping into the texture trend, the lacquers dry with a 3D, matte finish with added reflective sparkle. With its pebbly effect, nails lightly shimmer with no need for a top coat. We can’t wait to try! All twelve of the Euro Centrale shades as well as Mariah Carey by OPI are available individually at £11.50, while a mini four-pack retails at £13.95.

Beauty Connexion: It’s as if Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director was privy to the knowledge that both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would be judges on American Idol. Hot on the heels of last springs’s Nicki Minaj collection comes the Mariah Carey collection limited edition shades. With the 8 new colours comes a new technology OPI has called Liquid Sand™. This textured nail polish provides a matte finish that looks like coloured sand that you can get at a craft supply store but with glitter. The glitter is subtle, which makes the whole nail look what we like to call sophisticated glitter.

I won’t hate on Mimi for going for hers but … I can’t say that I’m all that impressed by how this nail polish, lacquer looks. Honestly, I’d expect Mariah Carey to put out a more posh-looking product but I’m CERTAIN she ended up making major bank with this deal. I suspect if this OPI line does well in the UK, it’ll make its way here to the US so that the American Lambs can get their hands on her polish. Does this look like something you’d like to wear? Would you want to do your nails like Mariah Carey?


  • nicole

    umm it better make its way here. im a nail polish junkie..and im kind of lovin the look of the “Liquid Sand”. I want it. now.

  • Lauri

    I’m kind of loving these colors actually…

  • LJ

    I’m guessing it’s called Lacquer because its at Harrods…I live in the UK and i have only ever called it and all the high street shops i shop in call it Nail Varnish. Maybe its a posh people thing!
    But i do not like this collection, it looks tacky!

  • ScarletC

    I live in the UK and no, it’s not called lacquer.

  • Jenny

    Yeah I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard it being called Nail Lacquer and I’m a nail varnish freak. :P

  • Luna

    Is it just me or is nail polish REALLY over-rated? I mean, there are only so many colors out there and most of them are overlapping but celebrities still rush and come out with their own brands?!?!