First Look: Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Hallowe’en Costume For 2012


Year after year, supermodel turned TV personality Heidi Klum has dazzled us with her amazing and extremely detailed Hallowe’en costumes (click HERE, HERE and HERE for a refresher of Heidi’s previous Hallowe’en costumes). As you may know, Heidi and her soon-to-be ex-husband Seal would host lavish Hallowe’en parties year after year where they would unveil their elaborate, over-the-top and sometimes controversial costumes. This year, Heidi will be Sealless for Hallowe’en but she still intends on celebrating Hallowe’en her way. Heidi has released a set of photos that give us a first look at the costume she’ll be wearing for Hallow’een this year. Click below to see Heidi as Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Heidi Klum gracefully poses in her Cleopatra costume, which will be used to celebrate Halloween this year at NYC’s Finale bash on October 31. The golden costume is designed by Martin Izquierdo. n a photograph posted on her Twitter, Heidi stretches her right hand, showing off a sparkling cloth, which looks like a wing. She also wears a gigantic Cleopatra headdress, a Cleopatra-black-bob-hairstyle wig, as well as a Swarovski crystal mask. The German-born model excitingly tweeted on Wednesday, October 24, “One week until Halloween! Here’s a sneak peek at my crazy Cleopatra costume!” Three hours later, she wrote down on her Twitter again, “Cleopatra comes 2 life! Bill Corso & Martin Izquierdo are amazing! Wait until #heidiklumhalloween night 2 c the final!” She additionally gave a link to a video, which shows behind the scenes of the costume making. The video features her conversation with Martin about the concept and materials used for the costume. The 39-year-old blonde beauty explains how she wants the costume to be, stating, “Big! Gold! Glittery. A lot. And if you think a lot, I want a lot more.”

If the embed above does not work, you can watch the video HERE. Now, this costume is impressive … no doubt … but compared to the elaborate costumes she’s worn in years past, it looks a bit … boring? I dunno, maybe not boring but deffo kinda … safe. I mean … look at some of the costumes that Heidi has worn on past Hallowe’en occasions:

While I love this costume, I’m not really wowed by it. Honestly, I think Britney Spears does Cleopatra better … but that’s neither here nor there. The truth remains that Heidi Klum is STILL the reigning Queen of Hallowe’en and we should all be bowing down right now. As “simple” as this costume looks in these photos, maybe Heidi has something up her sleeve to make it look more impressive once it’s finished and ready for the red carpet. We shall see.

OH and by the way, what are YOU dressing up as this Hallowe’en? Let me know in the comments below.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • fab4runner

    I love it. I think she looks great, and it must be nice to not have her face and/or entire body painted and covered up for once.

    My friends and I are going as rock, paper, scissors.

  • mauigirl

    Looks more like Isis to me. Beautiful!

    • Meghan

      @mauigirl- Yes, this is Isis, not Cleopatra. However, I believe Heidi took this from the film Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor in which Cleopatra enters Rome dressed as Isis. Costume based on that dress.

  • Ama

    It’s a nice costume :) It is a bit ‘tamed’ compared to her other costumes. But still a nice costume and it fits her.

    I’m going to be a red panda(This is what I’m going to be wearing- It’s really comfortable :)

  • Andy

    The mask thing has me intrigued.

  • cutitout

    She’s dressed up as Rihanna’s chest tattoo!