Boob Tube


After a bit of running around yesterday, I decided that I needed to stay in and keep things easy and lazy last night. I had plans for a movie, I also had tentative plans to hang out with a friend but in the end, I decided to just stay home and chill. I was able to catch up on some TV — meaning, I got to preview the next 3 episodes of Dexter (I live DVD screeners) and catch the new episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. I’m very happy to report that I enjoyed a great night of TV watching.

The folks at Showtime have always been good to me. They diligently send me DVD screeners of my FAVORITE SHOWS so that I can preview the episodes before they air. I get DVDs for Homeland and Dexter … my newest Dexter DVD, with the next 3 new eps on it, arrived yesterday and I watched them immediately. I mean, I can’t talk yet about what I saw but OMG, trust me … the show keeps getting better and better this season. Homeland, too. Showtime is really KILLING it with the drama this season.

I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with the new season of American Horror Story: Asylum, too:

As I’ve made very clear, I was not happy with the way season 1 of AHS ended last year so I was hesitant to believe that season 2 would be any better. Well, two eps in and I can say, YES, the show is much better this year. There is so much creepy, scary stuff going on … I can’t even decide what’s most disturbing for me. Last night’s ep was really over the top, just like good scary TV should be. I may have been a bit concerned before AHS debuted this season but thus far, I’m loving it to DEATH.

Tonight, I have a million things to do … including, visiting a haunted ship in Long Beach … or something. I’m not entirely sure what the plan is, all I know is my dear friends are dragging me out to get scared. Ugh. Hope YOU are having a great Thursday!!

  • nicole

    i wasnt so sure about the first episode of AHS (except seeing adam get his arm ripped off made me laugh) – but last nights episode was good, i hope it keeps picking up with each episode.

  • Shane

    SO JEALOUS of your Dexter and Homeland screeners. I almost want you to spoil me….almost….

  • Lauri

    This season of AHS is AMAZING, but so everywhere- can’t wait to see where they’re going with everything. Also, stoked this season of Dexter is good.

    I’ve missed your weekly tv-recaps!

    • @Lauri — I never did Dexter recaps, the only recaps I used to do were for Lost and 24. I would love to do recaps again but I don’t always get to watch TV shows when they air, sometimes I watch them a day or two later so recapping is difficult :/

    • JeniLeeSK8

      but since you get the Dexter screeners couldnt you write the recaps in advance then post the recap the next morning?

    • @JeniLeeSK8 — Interesting idea ;)

    • Lauri

      Hm. For some reason I felt like you did, but you would know better than I. :D

  • MJ

    You get early screeners? I’m officially jealous!