Watch: Taylor Swift Releases A Music Video For Her New Single ‘Begin Again’

Budding Romance
Starting Over

Taylor Swift, who just released her new album Red this past Monday, has unveiled a music video for her new single Begin Again. Unlike her previous video for the up beat We Are Never Getting Back Together, Begin Again is a slower more poignant ballad. If We Are Never is the break-up song then Begin Again is the follow-up, finding new love song. I have to admit, I was touched both by the lyrics of this new single and by the music video as well. Yes, I’m a bit turned off by Taylor‘s contant style homage to Barbie‘s younger sister Skipper but her sweetness is a bit endearing. Check out the video and see what you think. Do you dig this song/video?

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  1. “Yes, I’m a bit turned off by Taylor‘s contant style homage to Barbie‘s younger sister Skipper”

    Beautiful vid, though.
    Trent, have you listened to Red? Do you have any favorite songs?

  2. I love the lyrics, pretty!

  3. cmc

    I’m usually super turned off by everything Taylor Swift does…but having recently gone through a tough break-up, this song speaks to me. I guess you have to be in an emotionally vulnerable place to identify to Taylor’s music. It’s probably exhausting for her to be all high and low/up and down all the time though.

  4. Sofia

    Taylor and I are the same age and while I used to be a huge fan, the past few years I’ve been feeling like I’m growing up but she’s stayed a teenager. doesn’t help that she’s dating a teenager. But this song and “I knew you were trouble’ are literally written about my love life (right down to the 8 months line). I hope that means maybe she’s getting back on my level, and not that I’m regressing…

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