Watch: A Kindergarten Class Delivers A Cute Performance Of ‘Material Girl’ By Madonna


Remember back in June when we saw that ADORABLE video of those kindergarteners in Mr. Aviva’s class putting on a performance of Madonna’s hit single Vogue? If not, click HERE to be reminded. Well, Mr. Aviva has a new class of kindergarteners and this time around, he got them to put on a performance of Madonna’s classic single Material Girl (CLEARLY Mr. Aviva is a huge Madonna fan). Retitled Material World, this kindergarten performance is the opening number for a play called The Lonely Prince. The full performance video of The Lonely Prince is promised to be released next month but for now, check out the video above to see this cast of cute kiddies putting their spin on Madonna’s Material Girl.

  • nicole

    that first little girl who walks up to him…her walk had me laughing. cute.

  • JDo

    Meanwhile, their counterparts in China are solving multi-variable Calculus equations. W/E! This is too cute! I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.