Mariah Carey Steps Out With Her Adorable Be-Speckled Daughter Monroe


Back in August, Mariah Carey shared a batch of ADORABLE photos of Dem Babies, her twin children Monroe and Moroccan Scott having some Summer fun. At the time, Monroe was seen wearing cute little glasses that I assumed were sunglasses. In September and October, we got to see more photos of Dem Babies and, again, it looked as if Monroe was wearing fun sunglasses. Today we get to see new photos of Mimi and Monroe out and about in NYC and now it’s clear to me that Monroe isn’t wearing sunglasses, she’s wearing actual glasses … which look really cute on her. Check out the photos below and see for yourselves.

She’s only 18 months old, but it appears Mariah Carey’s daughter Monroe has inherited her mother’s sense of style. The 42-year-old pop star took her daughter out for a walk in the Tribeca area of New York on Monday, both wearing a stylish pair of specs. Mariah hid her eyes behind her usual diva shades, while baby Monroe sported a pair of cute pink glasses as the duo stepped into an awaiting car. The diva, who is currently a judge on American Idol, was dressed up to the nines in a black pencil skirt and lace tights. And the star didn’t seem to have any problems with balancing her cute baby while walking on a pair of seriously high heels. Meanwhile, Monroe also looked like most stylish baby on the block in a grey plaited skirt with a white cardigan and a matching pink bow in her hair, as she carried a toy bunny with her. There was no sign of Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon or their son Moroccan, making it a true mother-daughter day out.

To my knowledge, neither Mariah or Nick Cannon have talked about Monroe’s eyesight so I guess we are left to speculate on our own. One of my nephews needed to wear glasses at a very young age to correct his vision before it got too bad. His eyesight was corrected and to this day he does not have to wear glasses. A friend of mine’s son had to start wearing glasses at an age a bit older than Monroe and he still wears glasses (or contact lenses). Whatever the case may be, I hope Monroe is doing well with her eyesight. While it would be preferable if she didn’t have to wear glasses for the rest of her life, I know that she’ll be fine if she has to. Can you imagine all the cute little frames she’ll get to wear? I’m assuming that Mimi’s son Moroccan Scott was at home with the nanny or with his daddy Nick but that’s OK … sometimes a mom has to spend a little alonetime with her daughter ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • nicole

    i can totally see sparkly hello kitty frames in Monroe’s future.

  • Joanna

    My sister developed astigmatism in her eyes when she was just two years old and is 22 now. She has been wearing either glasses or contacts practically her entire life.

  • Erika

    This baby is by far THE most photogenic celebrity child I’ve ever seen, love whenever Mariah brings her out.

  • momof2yroldwithglasses

    she possibly has strabismus … one eye turning in as a result of farsightedness. thats what my daughter has…..mariahs daughter looks like she is wearing miraflex GREAT unbreakable glasses for toddlers!

  • JennOD

    Ya, hard to say since she’s not looking straight ahead but it looks like her right eye is turned in towards her nose, in which case she probably has accommodative esotropia (exactly what momof2yearoldwithglasses said) and so she’ll probably be in glasses for a long time if not forever; depending on her prescription. Contacts won’t achieve as much of effect in pulling an eye straight as glasses will and surgery isn’t normally indicated to straighten an eye when the deviation is caused by a high farsighted prescription.

    Farsightedness often diminishes some as we age, so some kids who need glasses when they’re younger due to this may eventually not need them. Astigmatism is usually stable by 3-4 years old so once those kids have glasses, they’re always going to need glasses.

    Now to pimp out my profession: Get your kids eyes checked! All kids should have a complete eye exam before they start school, even if you haven’t noticed any problems. A lot of states are making this mandatory in the US. There’s a great program in America called InfantSee where all babies are eligible for a free eye exam in their first year of life. Here in Canada, all children are eligible for a free eye exam once a year through your provincial health care so there’s no excuse not to take them to the optometrist. Kids rarely complain about vision problems because they don’t know that they don’t see the way everyone should and if there are problems like a lazy eye, the earlier we address them, the better.

    • Casey

      Thanks, Jenn. Although I am not a mom, I’ve actually never thought of that.