Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Intuition,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Y’all have no idea how many times I had to pause last night’s episode to give myself a second to completely lose my mind. I cannot with this show!!! But before we get started on this recap, puh-lease tell me that you watched Scandal last Thursday, and if you did then you gots to check out our first Scandal recap. It was crazy, crazy fun. And if you missed Scandal, then do yourself a favor and get caught up here. You’ll thank me later. And now, on to Revenge!

So one thing I really like about this episode is that we got a lil more clarification on that [Dumbass] Declan drama. We all knew something was going to pop off when he got caught stealing from that house and now we know that the kid who was working with him was actually working for someone else the whole time. We still don’t know what they have planned, but we know it involves taking full control of Jack and Declan’s bar, which is sooo messed up considering all the hard work their late father put into it. Grimy! The Graysons are still being shady as hell. Conrad went to meet with the Initiative (the people for whom the white-haired man worked, and yes, that was also the name of that creepy government agency from Buffy, lol) and they are hella suspicious of him and his wife which is awesome. They’re not buying Victoria’s bullsh-t story about being kidnapped by him and I’m really curious to see how they’ll react when they find out he’s dead. Which you know they will. And poor ‘Emily.’ Her Daddy issues have metamorphosed into Mommy issues and we all know those are the worst, lmao! Aiden tried to warn her that she might not like what she finds, and boy was he right. Plus he got caught up in hella drama chasing after her mom, who is no joke! ‘Emily’ has also been, like, the worst thing to happen to Fauxmanda’s (shouts-out to PITNBR ClaireMichelle) baby ever. I can’t even believe this girl sometime. We’ve seen a lot of people get hurt in the crossfire of her Revenge-y path, but unborn babies?????!!!!! Madness. Anyway, there was so much drama– and blood– in this episode there was little time for romance. Boo! Luckily, Scandal overdid it in that department last week, so I was kind of okay. The only people who we saw getting it on and poppin’ were Ashley and Daniel and I was FURIOUS during that closing scene! Agh! I so don’t want them together, lol! I guess I just miss ‘Emily’ and Daniel… though I also miss ‘Emily’ and Jack… and ‘Emily’ and Aiden so yeah. I’ll work through it. And without further ado, here are my fave moments from last night’s episode.

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 4: Intuition

1. The Episode Just Started And Already, Far Too Much Has Happened

This is it. This moment is why we love Revenge. Everything gets packed into this little 35-second shot of a housecleaner, on her hands and knees, cleaning up blood spill-age for which she is completely not responsible. I love it. And then the camera pans over to the only woman who would do leave a mess like that for somebody else to clean up: Victoria ‘OhHellNawl’ Grayson herself. Revenge is a show about many things and one of those things is social class. Every character (Victoria, ‘Emily,’ Daniel, Jack) is a product of his/her environment and his/her social standing, and I love that they never let you forget that. The whole plot is built around those who have and those who have not– but everyone, at some point or another ends up with blood on their hands. Hells yeah.

2. Nolan Has Daddy Issues

Okay, a couple of things happened when we found out (with Nolan) that Nolan’s Dad died. 1.) We realized that Padma looks craaazyyy good in green and should probably never wear any other color, ever.

And 2.) Nolan’s storyline got interesting on a whole ‘nother level. Lately we’ve been seeing him get a bit of attention in a non-‘Emily’/sidekick related way, but now his story is really taking off. How friggen *verklempt* did you get watching him go through the scrapbooks his Dad made of him? OMG. My Dad never made a scrapbook of all my scientific and technological achievements! WTF.

Quote It: Regrets suck.

3. ‘Amanda’ + Skrippers = Best Baby Shower Ever

Yoooo, I almost lost my shizz when Fauxmanda showed up with the old gang!!! I was like, OMG how did they not invite me to this baby shower?! I love skrippers! I love baby showers! I would have had a blast! But seriously, I was so glad that she did something to remind ‘Emily’ that she wasn’t in complete control. It was a small victory (especially considering what went down later), but it still made me really, really, inexplicably happy. And I looove that Victoria was like, ‘Oh! I see that you brought your… people.’ LMAO. She is so effing racist. Love it.

4. Worst Baby Shower Ever: Victoria Grayson Proves That She Is Still, In Case We Forgot, The Worst

Remember in an earlier scene where ‘Emily’ demanded that ‘Amanda’ go along with the whole baby shower thing, and she was basically like, if you help me find my mother, then we’ll be done? And ‘Amanda’ was all like, ‘You will never be done.’ Yeah, she was right. Though, I guess that’s the point of the whole show. Also, when ‘Amanda’ first moved in with ‘Emily’ (lol, note how ‘Emily’s spot is THE crash pad), she pointed out that her baby was becoming a casualty in this warfare. Foreshadowing like a motherf—–! If anything happens to Jack’s baby (who was delivered and seemingly okay by the end of the episode) I swear, I will seriously have to mess somebody up. The sight of ‘Amanda’ falling off that staircase was literally the worst and even though Victoria didn’t push her… you know she wanted to! Between ‘Emily’ and Victoria’ I honestly don’t know who wants ‘Amanda’ gone more sometimes. Sooo messed up.

5. Moms Should Probably Not Attempt To Drown Their Daughters

Okay. So I was initially excited to learn more about the mysterious mother of ‘Emily’ but I gotta be honest… I’m really not feelin’ her right now! That flashback scene in the water was really too much. I mean, I think it’s safe to assume that Mama Revenge has some issues. And now that she’s back on the scene, what in the world does that mean for ‘Emily’ and Fauxmanda, who ‘Emily’s mom totally thinks is her daughter??? How much more insane can this season get??? And how absolutely sure were you that ‘Emily’ and ‘Aiden’ were about to get it on and poppin’ when he showed up at the end, lmao?!

We haven’t seen her cry on a man since that sweet dog Sam died and she and Jack had to make-out over it. Damn that was a good scene (PITNBR Joan reminded me of it)! Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out if these two are gonna do the damn thing or not.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on episode four! Jack’s a poppa, y’all!!!

Sidenote, how cute were ‘Emily’ and ‘Amanda’ at the baby shower, lol?!

Look at Fauxmanda’s lil’ push-up bra– she is so wrong for that. Love it. And between this little black dress and that GQ shoot, ‘Emily’ really is getting her sexy on. I’m not mad at her!


  • Shivers

    I was waiting for your recap Shannon, I’ve started to look forward to it after watching on Sunday nights! I was a little afraid that Revenge would lose steam in the second season, but the episodes just keep getting better and better! I think I was actually a little sad for FauxManda for once, I was dreading the moment that she’d be the one to take that soap opera-esque fall from the moment that Victoria made the baby shower plan. Also, did you notice that last shot of Padma looking at the check?! She is definitely up to something. One character that I am love love loving is Aiden! I really liked Jack in the first season, but he is just sooo naive, I can’t handle it! I think I just love the fact that Aiden knows how…flawed (that is putting it lightly after the domino effect of hurt that she caused this week) Emily is and he’s the only person that could probably stick with her even after ALL the crazy shizz that she has done. And I think her diabolical scheming is rubbing off on Daniel, I’m liking that he’s not constantly being duped by everyone anymore! Whew, can’t wait until next week!

    • Shannon

      Shivers, I’m so glad that you brought up that moment with Padma and the check… scary right? I love how Revenge always leaves us with a series of little cliffhangers like that.

      I agree, Aiden might be the only one for ‘Emily,’ and Daniel is really coming into his own. I just don’t want him to be a Grayson! Lol. Thanks for commenting, I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the recaps Shivers :)

  • MeshaJ

    I am with you! I cannot get over Emily and Daniel!

    • Shannon

      MeshaJ, thank YOU. They were so effing cute. It does soothe me to know that they are together in real life, lol :)

  • blaqfury

    Omg!!! This epi moved at scandal’s pace (side note: how did I miss the scandal recap….anyways…) this whole epi I was like, what? Huh? Wait.. Lol. Man I never missed DVR more than on this epi.

    First up my boy Nolan, I really am rooting for him & Padma, but man I cannot get past the feeling she’s up to more than she’s letting on. Especially after holding that framed check from David Clark and then suspiciously looking at Nolan. But I hope it’s nothing. I’m absolutely loving Nolan’s own storyline though.

    I’m so confused on the Daniel storyline. I’m not sure if he’s forgiven Ashley or if he’s playing her. He smiled and later lurved her up after Ashley told Conrad to kick rocks, but I don’t think he’d forgive that fast. I’m just not sure.

    Emily & Amanda. Last week I was having a hard time finding sympathy for Emily but man, if Amanda doesn’t make it, this is on Emily. Amanda didn’t want any of this. This is the worst definition of collateral damage. It looks as if the baby will be ok, just hope Amanda will be too. Poor Jack, man just can’t catch a break. The baby, his girl & the bar. Is anything going right in this dudes life? Lol. I wonder why the homeowner wants the bar. This is obviously about more Than the bar cause I’m sure dude could build a bar anywhere in that town. I’m keeping my eye on this one.

    Ima reserve comment on the mom story until after next week. Looks like she’ll be more front and center according to the previews. I’m still not that into it. But I’m conflicted over Emily. I feel sorry for her but then I’m not as sympathetic as I should be. She’s causing a bit of damage in her own path, pretty soon, her lines will be blurred like Victoria and her mother.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, oh! I reeeeallly hope you’re right about Daniel and that he isn’t just all about Ash now. I’m also into Nolan and Padma– they’re so cute! But this show doesn’t let you get attached to any one couple for very long, ya know? The bar question is a great one– that storyline could actually turn out to be really interesting. And I saw in that GQ interview Emily VanCamp did something about her character showing more weaknesses this season, so maybe we’ll get to see a more human ‘Emily’ in the coming episodes. The ‘Mom’ stuff is def bringing that out.

  • nicole

    i was kinda over this wasnt doing much for me…then all of a sudden..everything started happening! when “Amanda” fell , i was sitting there all like “OMFG!” – good thing my mama wasnt home, she would not have been impressed with my language.

    and Daniel…i think he has some big plans for Ashley. something good is gunna happen there, i think its time for Danny boy to start playing dirty.

    • Shannon

      nicole, Daniel def has his moments of unpredictability. Remember when he reported her car illegally parked so he could check her phone? Lol, I thought that was pretty tricky!

      LMAO: ‘good thing my mama wasnt home, she would not have been impressed with my language.’ I KNOW right?!

  • Hannah

    I reckon Padma is spying for the initiative or someone else. They know Nolan has ties to David Clarke so checking up on him. Though I hope she sees the error of her ways and picks Nolan.

    Declan is an idiot, I think no more needs to be said.

    After this I hope Emily really scales back a bit on the whole using everyone for her own selfish plans. I don’t like Amanda but she deserves better.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, interesting theory about Padma. She did kinda come out of nowhere, but Nolan needs a girlfriend, lol! Or a boyfriend. Whichever.

      Yes, about Declan.

      And I’d LIKE to think that ‘Emily’ was gonna chill out, but even when ‘Amanda’ was in the hospital, it was like she was still plotting! We’ll have to see…

    • Cara

      That was my first thought about Padma too… Initiative spy… but I really hope not. Nolan needs a good woman… or man! :(

  • Devonte

    You are right, girl. I just can NOT with this show. I agree, I enjoyed the first season but was afraid it’d die off the second…NOPE…but what I am tripping is that there is all this drama and it’s only 4 EPISODES IN! They will really do themselves a disservice if the momentum doesn’t stay constant but at the same time, I will eventually DIE from gasping by the 13th or 14th episode.

    That being said, now the bread and I-Cant-Believe-Its-Not Butter. Emily is totally fawking everyone over but I think she is weakening…seeing the damage she is causing and how far off her path she is going. Well…now that Jack is hurt. Speaking of, yeah, I knew rich guy was up to something…but what?! Hamptons real estate is rough but what cause do they have for that particular bar? Padma is up to something…but I don’t think the initiative would have sent her to seduce Nolan when the only notable relation he had was with a male. But she is obviously affected but David Clarke somehow…but here’s my main disappoint with the episode….

    WE NEED MORE SHIRTLESS DANIEL! Gawd, that man is just TOO DAMN FINE…..TOO. DAMN. FINE…I just can NOT…UGH!…

    • Tarah

      I can’t believe it’s not butter….HAHA. And I agree, Daniel is sexy, especially this season!

      And Shannon, you are hilarious. Love your recaps. Your one liners are right up there with Nolan’s!

      Favorite moment of Revenge last night: Right before Nolan kissed Padma!! Too cute! But I don’t trust her….

      Can’t wait for next week!

    • Shannon

      Tarah! So glad you’re enjoying these. And YES, Nolan and Padma were so adorable, lol. But everyone keeps saying she’s up to something! I sooo don’t want that to be true… but it totally is.

      See you next week!

    • Shannon

      Devonte, you’re insane!!! LMAO, I too would like to see more shirtless Daniel… just not with Ashley. She’s gorgeous, but no.

      I really hope that whatever they try to do with that bar, Jack will reach out to ‘Emily’ and Nolan for help. I do NOT want to see him get screwed over anymore!

  • Jessica

    Are Amanda and Emily the same blood type? Wonder if that might factor In with Mom fresh on the scene and ‘Emily’ having lost lots of blood…. And the baby….. eep!

    • Shannon

      Jessica, good question. I think ‘Amanda’ being in the hospital will def complicate this whole fake identity thing. It’s gonna be really interesting to see how it all plays out with Mom now getting involved.

  • Kiki1976

    Can we discuss whether or not we think the baby is really Jack’s? I would never put it past Emily to lie to Amanda about fixing the results, just to keep her under her thumb.

    And Amanda/Emily’s mother not recognizing her own daughter? Come on…

    • ADRZ

      I thought that she already explained to Nolan that she lied to “Amanda” about the paternity test results. It is Jack’s baby.

    • Shannon

      Kiki1976, ADRZ’s right. And so are you– ‘Emily’ def lied about the results and told ‘Amanda’ that she fixed them. She confessed to Nolan towards the end of the second episode of the season– it was so fast a few people missed it (in fact, it was one of the ‘oh hell nawl’ moments from the first recap, lol:

  • patchyskies81

    OMG….so much craziness with this show!! And i for one was really shocked with Emily for making Fauxmanda go too far.

    And then her mom!! how sad?!?!? This show is getting soo good!

    • Shannon

      patchyskies81, ‘Emily’ seems to really not give a crap about Fauxmanda, right??? What IS that?!

  • Kelly

    Ashley + Conrd…just wait!

    • Shannon

      Kelly, wait. What? What’s your theory???!!!

    • Kelly

      I totally think they’re going to hook up and plot against Daniel and Victoria

    • Shannon

      Mmmmhhhh, I see. I kind of liked that Ashley seemed to be going the good girl route. But I could totally see Conrad reeling her back in and getting her on his side too. Good theory!

    • Cara

      Eeeewww gross! Please no! He’s so slimy… :(

  • Joan

    Do you think FauxAmanda will survive? It’d be a great way to take her off the story line, but then she is a big component to Emily’s scheme… Frankly, I feel bad for her but only because she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby. Outside of that, I hold her accountable for her own choices: (1) willingly agreeing to switch identities (out of friendship and convenience, that is, MONEY!) (2) participate in Emily’s plan (killing a few people along the way), (3) she’s somehow involved in Takeda’s scheme (she said he “briefed her” on Ep. 201, plus he retrieve her from Tyler’s murder scene at the end of last season). I mean, it’s not like she doesn’t milk the fact that she’s Fauxmanda, and it’s not like she doesn’t play the I-now-everything-about-you-and-I’ll-screw-you-over-if-I-have-too card with Emily. Emily isn’t entirely using her. They both have a pretty messed up relationship.

    I like that they are showing more of Emily’s sensitive side, though. She was getting to dark for second there. Blinded by emotion rather than rational thought (which is part of the reason Takeda is questioning whether or not she can complete the mission…whatever the mission is…). My favorite part of this episode was probably seeing her breakdown at the end. LET IT OUT, GIRL!

    Anyway, I’m still Team Emily. I guess that’s why I’m a Slytherin.

    • Shannon

      Joan, I can’t believe they’d kill off Fauxmanda! Too easy, right? It’d be far more interesting, perhaps, to keep her in a coma and then to see what she would and would not remember upon waking. But you’re right, she def takes advantage of her new ‘identity’ but she’s learning (and so are we) that her decision to work with ‘Emily’ comes at a real price.

      I agree- we needed to see ‘Emily’ break down. She IS human, and it helps to be reminded of that sometimes!

    • Joan

      Yeah, unless Emily finds a way to keep herself close the Graysons, I don’t think Fauxmanda can die. (Maybe this is where Daniel comes in again?) Plus, I think there’s a lot of questions to be answered about Emily’s mom and I don’t see Emily revealing her true identity to Kara any time soon. Fauxmanda is still valuable to the story.

  • Sabrina


    Thank you for the recap. I felt so bad for Jack, I know he’s going to feel so guilty about Amanda and with what is about to happen to the bar… he doesn’t deserve it.
    As for Emily and her revenge having collateral damage (Amanda), there is no way she would have wanted this. She never thought, in my opinion, that Amanda would end up injured, you could see she was worried at the hospital.
    i hope that she is going to be a little softer, and why not let Aiden back in her life (I ship those 2 so hard)

    Anyway, just wanted to share a theory about Padma and Nolan (whom I really love and I am really happy he gets his own storyline): what if Padam was worried about the check of David Clarke, not because she spies for the Initiative but because she thinks that Nolan has ties with terrorists too?

    • Shannon

      Sabrina, glad you liked the recap! You could be totally right about Padma– David Clarke is not a good name to be associated with so she could just be thinking about it on that level. I HOPE that’s all it is and that she’s not gonna pull a shady move!

    • Joan

      That won’t be all of it. Come on. That’s just too neat for it to be all. There are no “neat” characters on this show. Everyone has their own agenda. lol I expect evil things to come from Padma.

  • Lulu

    So much cray I can’t even contain myself!

    What the heck. I don’t have words.

    Okay, maybe I do! Declan and Charlotte, are so cute, lets put them back together and get him our of trouble. Seriously, I’m tired of him being in trouble.

    Emily is going to tell fauxmanda that the baby really IS jacks when she thinks she is not going to make it. Then she miraculously WILL survive, and Mama bear will come out. Ems better watch herself. Because you know her story line is not done or she would have died, and not be in a coma.

    I do not like Daniel and Ashley, no way. Too little too late Ashley, you are too devious for Daniel who I still have hopes for.

    Padma is so dirty, I knew it the moment I saw her. Although I somehow think she will have noble reasons, but the fact that she is messing around with my dear Nolan makes her bad bad bad.

    • Shannon

      Lulu, you know? I kinda forgot about Declan & Charlotte until the hospital scene. You’re right– they’re pretty cute together.

      Interesting theory about Fauxmanda and ‘Emily.’ I could see that happening (‘Emily’ confessing the truth), with really, really bad results if Fauxmanda makes it out.

      I totally do not want Padma to be dirty, lol! But there’s def a chance that she is. Hopefully we’ll learn more about her intentions next episode.

  • Thomas

    I thought this episode was spot-on. I LOVED it, especially the ‘flash forward’ at the beginning. It really made me anticipate for that moment during the episode. Even though I thought Amanda would fall over the balcony, it still surprised/shocked me when she did. I’m really thinking that Ashley has some bigger plan up her designer sleeve (damn that girl always dresses well) and i just can’t wait to find out what it is. Padma and Nolan = super cute; Declan and Charlotte = super cute too (although I like them apart too, even if Declan makes some stupid decisions). I feel like D&C are much more rounded characters so far this season, facing some grown-up issues, while still making some dumb, teenage-like decisions.

  • Cara

    Ok, does Fauxmanda’s disappearing necklace cleavage bother anyone else or is it just me? I can’t get over it in those baby shower pics…

    • Shannon

      Cara, LMAO!!! ‘disappearing necklace cleavage,’ I love it! Hadn’t noticed it before– the bra was all I could see :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ahh, happy to see you have adopted “Fauxmanda” in your recaps! I watched this episode a little late this time, but the first thing I did when I finished it was read your recap! :) LOVE. Thanks for the shoutout! Can’t wait for the new ep tomorrow and for your next recap!