Three People Are Dead After Another Mass Shooting In Wisconsin


This past summer we saw a truly unfortunate series of mass shootings across America. Days after the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado (known as The Dark Knight shooting), another mass shooting took place in Wisconsin at a Sikh temple. Sadly, residents of Wisconsin are once again victims of a mass shooting, as a gunman opened fire in a mall just hours ago. Police and SWAT team members are on the scene now. Click inside to learn more.

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The HuffPost has the report:

A mass shooting occurred on Sunday near a mall in Wisconsin, WISN 12 News reports.

The incident took place near Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, Wis.

UPDATE: The shooting suspect has been identified as 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton, according to sources at Reuters. Haughton may have been in an ongoing domestic dispute with a woman who worked at the Azana Spa. NBC News reported that a judge filed a protection order against him days ago.

Haughton is still at large.

A hospital spokeswoman told CNN that at least seven people have been shot. According to the AP, four people have been brought to the hospital with [sic] non-life threatening injuries. Three more patients are expected at the hospital soon.

No fatalities have been reported.

CNN reports that the shooting may have occurred at the Azana Spa in the area. The shooting may be part of an ongoing domestic dispute, in which someone at the spa was going through a divorce, NBC News reports.

WTMJ, a local radio station, reports that the suspect is still at large. Authorities are searching for a 6-foot-1-inch, 270 pound African-American man with a bald head and brown eyes. He may have been driving a black 2003 Mazda.

Medical and emergency personnel have arrived on the scene. The mall, as well as some nearby roads and businesses, have been placed on lockdown.

WISN reports that the FBI is sending staff to help out local authorities.

More from the AP:

It was the second mass shooting in Wisconsin this year. Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran and white supremacist, killed six people and injured three others before fatally shooting himself Aug. 5 at a Sikh temple south of Milwaukee.

The shooting at the mall took place less than a mile from where seven people were killed and four wounded on March 12, 2005, when a gunman opened fire at a Living Church of God service held at a hotel.

After the shootings this summer I read an article about how many Americans have accepted gun violence as a cultural norm and I hope (against hope) that this does not become yet another new story that gets easily forgotten. Desensitization to violence is one of the problems here, I think. Many of us reacted strongly to the news of the Colorado shooting back in July and I truly hope that we all become more and more aware of the impact of violence in our country and in other countries.

Now when the HuffPost first published this, it was reported that no fatalities occurred. We now know (due to the live News video) that three people have died and four others are injured. Please send positive thoughts and well wishes to the affected individuals and  families in Wisconsin.

[Source] [Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tom Lynn]


  • miguel

    OK…these shootings SERIOUSLY need to stop. I DO NOT KNOW WTF is going on in these people’s heads when they decide to do shit like this, but take your ass to a mental institution – NOT the mall, with a gun…or ANY place and go off on COMPLETELY innocent folks. The world is really beginning to scare me.

  • frenchgirl

    They should ban the sell of weapons in usa ! but i know it’s not gonna happen

  • JCZ

    I know crime rates will always exist: muggings, robberies, violent fights and hate to say it, rape.

    I also know there are a lot of Americans who are VERY passionate about their country and their constitution and therefore totally against gun laws/regulation.

    Now I have no figures and cannot say, “Here in Aus, we have gun laws and our criminal figures are better”, cause I don’t know if that is true and would not rub that in the face of a country that has suffered 3 terrible losses (which has gone unnoticed in the Presidential election based on what I’ve seen here) if it were.

    However, is the right to carry a gun – a weapon that can kill, much like a baseball bat or knife, but a weapon that holds greater power than anything else of its size – really important? Shouldn’t state governments be looking at their crime rates and combatting them using the law, the police etc. to make their streets and public places feel safer.

    Whilst we do see a news story about a shooting on our news here, it isn’t something that occurs so frequently. These stories, due to them being mass shootings, obviously make headlines everywhere, but I’m sure there are plenty of one-on-one shootings that don’t reach mainstream media in this capacity in the US. If a one-on-one shooting occurs in Australia, I know for sure everyone will hear about it, because it’s rare and just unexpected.

    I just feel the human mind can put us in situations we sometimes cannot control, or have so much adrenaline in times of anger/emotion, that we say things and eventually do things we wouldn’t normally do. Putting a gun into that situation is bound to makes things worst, in a domestic situation or a public situation at a nightclub or a mall.

    I’m quite upset, even though I don’t live in America, that neither Presidential campaign has focused or spoke deeply about recent gun violence. Please correct me if I’m wrong – I’ve watched parts of all 3 debates so far, so I don’t *think* anyone has addressed it in a proper manner. And it’s because they’re afraid of a backlash, a loss of votes etc.

    It brings me to the most recent Parks & Recreation episode where Amy Poehler’s character ends up announcing her plans to push for a change of policy about sex education amidst the negativity put on her by the press and some of the public. But her point was she was elected to lead and help the community and fight for what she believes in etc…

    Are the Presidential candidates even doing this? I’m sure both have an opinion on the matter, but it’s clear their campaigns are afraid. I know as a voter in my own country, I’d much rather see a politician put themselves on the line supporting something they feel is beneficial than avoid topics that are important and relevant to citizens.

    • Steph

      I feel like it would be political suicide for either side to bring it up. If Obama brings it up, Romney will attack him for not doing anything about it and suggest he needs to “get tougher on crime” (a sentiment that has been proven over and over and over NOT to work). If Romney brings it up, Obama will attack him for being against gun laws. Either way, whoever brings it up has a lot to lose on the issue.

      That is my view as a wimpy Canadian who is dealing with our own version of an extreme right winger who just got rid of the gun registry, put in minimum sentences for youth (gotta get tough on crime, cause that helps build prisons!) and is slowly stripping my country of our democratic process…. The choices in the US don’t look so bad anymore eh?

  • JC

    This news saddens me so much! The Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, WI and this shooting in Brookfield, WI make Milwaukee (they are both MKE suburbs) seem like such a bad place! I love Milwaukee :(

  • blaqfury

    I wish those who are determined to do a mass shooting followed by a suicide would just start with themselves first…

  • Megan

    This gun issue is so disturbing to me, and I feel like I have no voice. The politicians don’t want to deal with it because it’s controversial. Though, I have no idea why it’s controversial. So many people die in America by guns, it’s absurd. I’m hoping if Obama gets reelected, this will be something he takes on his his second term when there’s not as much to lose. Even though it’ll affect the next election and if that person voted for or against it. It’s a vicious cycle. Ugh. How many mass shootings have to occur before we take this seriously. I personally have seen more than enough.