Lindsay Lohan Wants To Get An Order Of Protection Against Her Dad


As we all know, the Lohan clan is going through some crazy ish right now. One day Lindsay’s fighting with her mom, another day she’s calling the cops on her dad– it’s all pretty bad times. Last we heard, Michael Lohan tried to stage an intervention for his daughter, but Lindsey called the cops to get him removed from her house. Ever since he recorded their private conversation about her Mom, she’s not really been feelin’ him. Understandable. Anyway, now she’s so over him, she’s looking into getting an order of protection out against him. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the story:

Lindsay Lohan is royally pissed at Michael Lohan and his “intervention” attempt — and now she’s 100% on board with obtaining an order of protection against him … just like her mom wanted all along.

We broke the story … MiLo showed up to her house Friday — then refused to leave — and that was the last straw.  Lindsay feels the ONLY way to stop her dad from pulling his crazy stunts is to get a judge involved … and she knows a lot of judges.

We’re told LiLo will fly to NYC this week to meet with the rest of her family — and they’ll figure out how to get the stay away order.

I agree with Trent, who noted that neither Mama Lohan nor Daddy Lohan are really in a position to help their daughter at this point. Michael may be acting all types of cray but Dina actually put HANDS on her daughter. Lindsay might as well go ahead and get a order of protection against her too!

Now legally, I don’t know how successful Lindsay will be in actually making this happen– Papa Lohan hasn’t threatened her or physically hurt her (to our knowledge), but maybe this is still a step in the right direction. Although, some people have argued that Lindsay Lohan really did need an intervention, and that she’s been relapsing and, as a result, missing work for her upcoming film The Canyons. Drama, drama, drama! Do y’all think LiLo’s making the right move here?


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  • Lauren xx

    I think selling a private telephone conversation to the media would be enough for her. Especially if she can prove that she didn’t know if she was being recorded. Depending on the wiretapping laws in New York, she could press charges for that too.

    • Shannon

      Lauren xx, hmmm good point. I didn’t think about it that way, but he could def be in serious trouble if she can prove that he leaked it to TMZ, which shouldn’t be that difficult.

  • SittingPat

    Well, I, as a member of the general population, want an order of protection against her. Sick of her and her dysfunctional family. BTW, SHE called him.

    • Joan

      I know! SHE called him and SHE said those things about her mother. Michael’s mistake was releasing it to the media (smh), but she was the one who “exposed” her mom.

  • miguel

    Can we all set up a PayPal account and have her shipped off to an island far far away from where we shall never ever hear from her, like…ever?….

  • lori

    its quite sad if you are ever bored and decide to lok through lindsay lohan in the search bar of this blog and notes ALL of them have to do with either drugs, her dad, car crashes, court dates..etc

    she’s tiring.

  • Joan

    Apparently her manager and legal team were also behind the intervention. Is she going to get a restraining order against them to?

    The main problem here is that SHE needs help but those that are close to her are either (1) unwilling to get her help (mom, brother, sister) or (2) not in the position to get her help (mom, dad, and possibly brother and sister as well). So what do you do with that?! lol

    The problem with Michael staging an intervention is that you simply cannot tell if his concern is genuine because he loveeees the spotlight by his own right. He always goes about things in the worse possible way. Could he truly be using the media attention as a way to get her help? Since she loves the media? (I’m not saying that it makes sense…but in his crazy mind, it might.)

    And where’s the brother?! He always seemed like the normal one? Doesn’t he sees that both his mother and sister need crazy help? Why isn’t he staging a double intervention? Is he waiting for Britney’s father to step in? GAWD!

  • romesf415