Watch: Alicia Keys Releases A Video For ‘Girl On Fire’


Okay, so first of all, Alicia Keys looks amazing in this new video for her single Girl On Fire, which we heard a while back (although the video version has no Nicki Minaj). This new look is really working for her, IMO. Her fifth studio album (of the same name) is set to drop on November 27 and I really like this song. It’s not my fave song ever, but it’s a good track. The video? Me… no… likey. I think! Here’s the thing– it has this cool concept that I’m into, where a woman is basically a ‘girl on fire,’ but by doing regular, everyday things. But then there are all these little moments of weirdness, like references to West Side Story, and Mary Poppins, and then it’s like there’s a BVLGARI ad campaign, lol. It all makes more (or less) sense when you watch the video. Check it out and tell me what you think? Again, Alicia looks craaazzzy good! But I think the video could have been better put together. What do you think?


  • underwhelmed

    I agree, love the song but the video underwhelmed me. I was expecting more… I thought she was playing the same woman and she was just able to do all those tasks while remaining poised and gorgeous because she’s a “girl on fire”. I would have rather liked to see a variety of actual woman excelling in their respective fields, maybe some flashback to when all these women were younger and they found their inspiration/goal and became a “girl on fire” (like a spark that ignited) and then they achieve their dream.

    • Shannon

      underwhelmed, I think you’re right. I guess it’s all the same character, but yeah. Still a little weird, lol.

  • bleedingEars

    I LOVE Alicia Keys. Simply adore her. She could sing me the telephone book and I’d be captivated. And I don’t mind this song (meh on the video, but really who cares) but I miss the Alicia Keys who sat behind the piano and made soulful music.

    • Shannon

      bleedingEars, ‘I miss the Alicia Keys who sat behind the piano and made soulful music.’ OMG. That seems like ages ago– although she does still do this sometimes, she just doesn’t have those amazing braid… Sigh. I miss her too! And at first I wasn’t sure about the new look, but ultimately she looks amazing and she still has that brilliant voice, which is the most important part.

  • Colleen

    Yeah, I saw it yesterday for the first time and was thinking similar things. She looks absolutely stunning in the video for sure. What she was trying to convey in the vid was a bit lost in the woods for me.

    And not only was it an ad for Bvlgari but also an ad for SONY (on the headphones. it was in a couple shots) ! I was like WHAT IS THIS SHIZZZ. That’s when I gave up on the vid. It’s too bad as I love me some AKeys.

  • Yelena

    She has such a beautiful voice but I honestly have only liked one, maybe two, of her songs ever. To me, she’s the same as Christina Aguilera. Beautiful voices wasted on horrible songs. This particular song is just so boring.