Emma Stone Is Seriously Over The Paparazzi


While we love seeing new pics of Emma Stone, it kinda sucks to see her pleading with photographers to leave her aloooone. Emma was spotted in Beverly Hills looking hella cute in skinny jeans and a blue cardigan, but you can tell she was really over the photographers who were following her around. Still, Emma remained calm and politely asked them to leave, then stood in front of a car until they (presumably) did leave. Emma’s had some interesting interactions with paparazzi before, and she doesn’t strike me as an actress who’s totally comfortable with her celebrity, which I think is one of the reasons we love her. Earlier this week another celebrity decided he was ‘over’ a photographer, which brings up the age-old question: are paparazzi the absolute worst? Or are they just trying to do their job… and do we (as a celebrity-obsessed culture) kinda, sorta participate in their the-worst-ness on some level? Just some early Saturday morning questions to ponder, lol. Peep the gallery for more– and props to Emma for keeping her cool!

Photo Credit: Splash News/Fame Flynet

  • Joan

    I think there’s nice paps and mean paps. Some of them are definitely merciless. YouTube has tons of raw paparazzi footage and some of them are uncomfortable to even watch. (I especially remember one of Robert Pattinson where they followed him from daylight to night. RP basically decided to sat the situation out in his car, frustrated, waiting until the paps got tired of it, because he didn’t want them to follow him again while he was driving. Freaking intense stuff!)

    For SOME paps it is more than about just getting a photo. They scream mean things and would love nothing more than to get the target all riled up. Kudos for Emma, though, for dealing with it as classy as she did. That speaks volumes of her. She talked about her thought process for dealing with paparazzi on Interview Magazine not long ago.

  • atwood

    I think if we all stop creating and reading posts like these, one day those paps won’t be able to sell their pictures to anyone anymore ’cause no one is interested. Not, kinda sorta, but we TOTALLY participate.

    • Serenity

      I agree. It would be hypocritical of me to say, “Paps are the worst! Why don’t they stop!” while keeping them in business by reading sites like this (no offense, Trent and Shannon. I loves me some celebrity gossip, even while I feel like I shouldn’t, you know?)