Lily Allen Shares A Twit Pic Of Her Baby Bump


Back in July we heard whisperings about a second baby on the way for singer/songwriter Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper. Shortly thereafter her dad confirmed the rumors during an interview but the couple never officially came out to confirm or deny, which makes sense because Lily Allen is known for being extremely private about her personal life– definitely not a bad thing. However, she shared a twit pic last night that should work as confirmation of the pregnancy, because that baby bump is totally on and poppin.’Click inside for more!

Oh yeah. She’s prego. So… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Along with the pic, Lily wrote ‘This is me and Maryam of @MyMarrakesh who took me shopping in marrakesh and showed me all this amazing stuff.’

Baby Ethel (who was born in November of last year) is about to be a big sister! It’s so amazing to see this family grow and I’m sure Lily Allen will continue to maintain their privacy as she moves forward in this pregnancy. But honestly, it looks like she doesn’t have too far to go– I’m thinking a few more months (at most) and she’ll officially be a mother of two!


  • NSJ

    I am totally not trying to be a biznitch here, but I have heard it devastates Lilly Allen that people in media seem to have just swept her first child under the rug. I have heard other blogs (not this one, that I know of) refer to her loss as “a miscarriage”. No slight meant for women who have endured that singularly hellish heartbreak (including myself), but Lily was almost seven months pregnant when she lost her son. It wasn’t “a miscarriage”- her baby boy died from an infection that SHE passed him, can you imagine how that must feel?

    When her daughter was born a year ago, I heard she nearly went postal on someone who kept congratulating she and Sam on the birth of “their first child”. She was very angry and said “just because my son isn’t here with me now doesn’t mean he was NEVER f*cking here!”

    I am just putting it out there- when this new baby comes, it would be nice if ONE media outlet or blog could say “congratulations to the coopers on the birth of their third child, while we celebrate this occasion we remember their grief over the loss if their firstborn”.

    Off mah soapbox! And that wasn’t really directed at you, Shannon…more the people who DID refer to her son’s death as “a miscarriage”.

    • Shannon

      NSJ, thanks for sharing this. I never bring up the ‘miscarriage’ because I was under the impression that it was, in fact, a ‘miscarriage’ and (for me) there’s just no way to casually mention such a loss in a post. I assume that others will bring it up or, if someone is especially curious, they can google it. I agree, there’s something very different about losing a baby who’s practically full-term.

      But I never knew that she spoke of her first pregnancy as her first child– that’s really interesting and it makes all the sense in the world. I agree, there’s definitely a way to acknowledge ALL of her children and I will certainly do so going forward.

      Thanks again NSJ, I really appreciate the way you passed this information on to me :)