Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Photographed Kissing Again


Earlier this week we saw video proof that the formerly estranged Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are hanging out again and today we learn that the couple have added kissing to their hanging out routine. R. Pattz and K. Stew were spied in one another’s close company at Kristen’s new Hollywood mansion (which is only minutes away from Rob’s place) and were photographed kissing one another. I think it was pretty evident that the couple had reconciled once they were spotted chillin’ at the bar together but … the kissing, yeah, we can now say for sure that Robsten are together again.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissed while hanging out at her new house in LA yesterday. The couple showed PDA while embracing each other and sharing a few laughs on a patio. Kristen later emerged in her swimwear for a dip. It’s the latest romantic rendezvous for the reunited duo, who were first spotted back together in public at Ye Olde Rustic Inn in Los Feliz over the weekend. Rob and Kristen cuddled outside the bar and chatted with friends before leaving together for the night. They have yet to make an official appearance together since rekindling their relationship in the wake of Kristen’s Summer cheating scandal, but they’ll be back in the spotlight soon since press for Breaking Dawn Part 2 kicks off next week. Rob and Kristen are expected to travel overseas for multiple stops and will both be on the red carpet at the big LA premiere on Nov. 12.

Unfortunately the NEW kissing photos are unavailable for posting here but they can be seen at PopSugar’s official website. No matter what one may believe about the cheating scandal that happened over the Summer (ie. real vs. fake), it’s clear that for whatever reason, Rob and Kristen are enjoying one another’s company again. They say that love never dies and perhaps that is true. They also say that real life romance does wonders for film promotion so I’m certain this rekindled romance will help promote the release of the final Twilight film Breaking Dawn – Part 2 next month. Ain’t lurve grand?


  • Tonya

    I kind of love the speculation about whether this is real or being done as a publicity stunt. Both Kristen and Rob get crapped on for being “horrible actors” all the time…so either it’s real or they’re much better actors than people ever gave them credit for. In my opinion at least!

  • Rosie Ah

    Right before press for breaking dawn part 2 begins?
    Ya’ll serious??
    This reconciliation stinks of STAGED!

  • Joan

    As I said on your previous post, I think they are trying to get their relationship where it was before, but I don’t think they are completely there yet. I can’t blame people for thinking it’s PR because it really DOES look like a PR move. Even if it’s fake or not, the film will definitely benefit from it from the speculation alone. Personally, I think their situation is real and he is just being naive and stupid. lol

  • Ella

    Wow. This just reminded me of a dream I had last night. I stopped paying any attention to them, but saw some current picture of them together while looking at something else. So last night I dreamed they were together at the beach, but the weird and gross part was Kristen’s bikini top had holes in it so it was total nip town. But the nips were weird and too dark for her skin and their were no areolas….It was weird and I’d completely forgotten about it until now, so……Thanks for making me think about Kristen’s weird nipples.

    • Shannon

      Ella, LMAO! What did you eat last night?!

    • Ella


      Shannon, too many pumpkin shaped reeses. lol.

  • Shannon m.

    Fake or not.. all these people were still going to see the movie whether they were together or not so who cares? What makes this whole thing so disturbing is that many people forget celebrities have real feelings. No matter how much money I was getting paid, I’m not sure I could stage a reunion with the person who cheated on me and not ache of pain every single second. Could you imagine what that feels like on both their parts if they actually weren’t together and had to pretend?