Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’ Episode: ‘Hunting Season’


Y’all know I go cray-cray for Revenge and we’ve been having an ah-mazing time recapping the madness on that show. I can’t wait for this Sunday’s episode, but one thing that always holds me over during the week– and gives me that drama fix I so desperately need– is ABC’s Scandal. The first time I saw an episode I watched it on Hulu Plus and all I could say was YesPlease, MoreThankYou. I went on to watch the entire season in one sitting. It was, in short, the best night ever. A lot of you professed your lurve for the show when we counted down some of the best shows on television this season and after the sneak peek I posted last night (and some prompting from PITNBRS nicole, Thomas, and Carl– who got hella Twitter love from Scandal stars), I decided it was official. We need a Scandal recap. And wouldn’t you know? I have one right inside!

So, Scandal came back with a vengeance last night, after depriving us for two whole, practically unbearable weeks. As per usual, the episode was all things awesome and intense and outrageous. We got to meet Olivia’s ex (not the President, lol) the pinstripe-wearing Senator, but then ish got all cray when a random guy was waiting for Olivia in her car with news about Thorngate, a program that allows the government to spy on everyone, including the President and his lover. Awwwwkward! Then we saw some ish I thought we’d never see; the President and his wife getting all cutesy again?! Noooooo! Hellll nooooo!!! LOL. No, but seriously. No. But yes to the moment we finally, finally got to see Olivia and President Fitz back in each other’s arms sorta kinda for a second but then it got all weird. I loved the storyline about Thorngate and the NSA (and watching Olivia make mistakes because her gut just ain’t the same since she fell in lurve), but I really, really wished they’d made a little headway on Quinn’s story! Sigh, there’s always next week. And we’ll be waiting! Now, without further ado, here are the moments from last night’s episode.

Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 3: Hunting Season

1. The President Is Ticking

So the President’s ride-or-die/right hand man Cyrus finds out that Olivia is getting involved in Thorngate and he, naturally, brings the President the evidence. However, the ‘evidence’ is the ill photo of Olivia with the Senator… her ex (awwww sh–) and the President loses it. Yes! I love this moment! I love that we finally get to see him get jealous because of something she’s doing (although she’s totally not doing anything, but still). Cyrus, who knows how to deliver a good monologue, starts to go iiiin on Fitz calling him a ticking time bomb and talking about how– up until that very moment– he had kinda been happy… and it was awkward. Which it was! Because we saw him getting all sweet with his wife and it was like… wait. WTF? Cyrus also casually mentions that he knows Olivia hasn’t been taking the President’s calls recently… which also proves that Thorngate is real and the Pres is a victim too. Hella awkward.

Quote It: Happy people are rarely actually happy, unless they’re morons.

2. When Was The Last Time Someone Shoved Hunting Boots On YOUR Feet?

OMFG. Have you ever seen anything this sexy in your life? No. No you haven’t. First of all, the President– in his jealous rage– has his henchmen go snatch Olivia up from her home. Then he’s all screaming at her to get out of the car; aghhhh! Get out of the damn car Olivia! That was hilarious/I really don’t condone such anger directed at women/that was awesome. We have never, ever seen him angry like that, and yes. It was hot.

But nothing was hotter than the moment when he took off her fancy Olivia Pope shoes, told her to shut-up (you do realize that that’s never happened in the history of Scandal) and shoved on those hunting boots. OMGOMGOMG. Those 30 seconds were so erotic, and so indulgent, I couldn’t even BELIEVE they were showing that on regular-ass cable television. In that moment Olivia became– dare I say– submissive (not in the creepy ‘make me a sandwich, bitch’ way, but in the hot way… you know what I mean); Fitz was in charge and he was taking off that which made her Olivia Pope and kind of forcing her to come into his territory, wearing the boots he chose for her. Yeah. Madness. But it was also sweet! It totally reminded me of that moment in the Bible (stay with me now) where that woman takes of Jesus’s sandals and starts crying and washing his feet with her hair. I mean yeah, it was just like that moment in the Bible. And all I could think was WTF? No one has ever shoved hunting boots on my feet like that! And I looked accusingly over at the love of my life, wondering if he had, in fact, ever truly, truly loved me.


3. Olivia Pope Gets Oliva Pope’d

This was definitely my favorite scene, because, c’mon I’ve been waiting for these two to make-out again since I finished watching the first season! But, I loved the argument building up to it because President Fitz got sooo mad (1. that Olivia was seeing an ex and 2.) that her ex was on the intelligence committee handling Thorngate), but in that classic Olivia Pope style where he starts spitting out numbers, facts, and dates like rapid-fire, i.e. ‘Senator Davis was your boyfriend from 2002 to 2006! You lived together in Georgetown and in New York, you had an engagement ring and you were seen with him yesterday looking fairly cozy, are you guys screwing each other again? Is he everything you ever dreamed?BAM! And all the other person can do is stand there all dumbfounded… except this time the other person was Olivia! Oh-Livia!!! After he went off on her I was all like, did Olivia Pope just get Olivia Pope’d?!?!?! That ish was craaaaayyyy. And then this FINALLY happened:

And I love this part where the guards turned around, like Okay. We know the drill. Lmao!

But alas, all sexy moments must come to an end. Olivia flipped out and was all mad at him cause he was totally about to try to get it on and poppin’ right then and there, tree bark and ALL. But Olivia is also mad because– even though she set it up for his image– his wife is pregnant and everyone knows it sucks when the guy you lurve gets another girl pregnant (shouts-out to Emily’ of Revenge).

Quote It: I Am Not Yours.

4. Human Truth Detector

I love that Scandal follows Newton’s law of  motion: for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Even though nobody tells First Lady Mellie Grant that her husband was all putting his hunting boots on another woman, she knows something popped off as soon as they sit down to that awkward-ass dinner (where she shows up all chipper and he looks like he just got ished on by the woman of his dreams– AKA not his wife AKA Olivia Pope). But Mellie’s no slouch! And when she goes up to the guards, who’d lit’rally turned their backs on the whole affair, and asks them what happened, she knows the game and she knows they won’t tell. So she starts rattling off the names of people he might have seen on the hunt, people who might have upset him, and asks for a blink when she says the correct name. That’s some boss b*tch ish right there y’all. Oh, here’s the list. This moment was too funny.

The Prince of France? (nothing)
That guy from Fox news? (nothing)
East Sudan? (nothing)
Hollis Doyle? (nothing)
Cyrus? (nothing)
His Mother? (nothing)
Olivia Pope? (hella blinking, eyes wandering off into the abyss, most awkward silence ever)

But the best part of The Human Truth Detector moment was when she went after Fitz a few scenes later:

Quote it: See her again, and I’ll blow you away. And I’m a good shot.


5. It’s Quinn, Bitch.

So, our girl Quinn finally got gangsta and went off on Abby who still doesn’t believe that Quinn is innocent of blowing up her boyfriend’s office. Ever since she found out that Quinn’s name is really Lindsey, she’s basically been doing what Abby does– being a bitch, but that’s why we love Abby, with her awesome fiery-red hair, lol! Anyway, Quinn went off and all last night #I’mQuinnBitch was trending on Twitter. It was awesome, although the line actually came from Columbus Short’s character, Harrison. And I think, in that moment, Abby felt so shut down and vulnerable, that David showed up at just the right/wrong moment. Which is why this happened:

David’s so thirsty to know more about Quinn (and why he lost the case to Olivia, and all the Gladiators), we don’t even know if this hook up was for pleasure or business.


Okay, what did y’all think of the episode? I love/hate that we still don’t know everything about who Quinn is and why she was ‘saved’! Also, is the Senator really gonna be Olivia’s new client??? He sooo wants her back and that’s not gonna work for me, lol! Let me know what some of your fave moments were so we can try to collectively make sense of this madness!


  • nicole

    i looooooved this episode. but damn, mr president was gettin yelled at by both his women, he needs to watch his step lol.
    the idea of thorngate is just creepy. i kind of love that Olivia is working with her ex…the president cant have his cake & eat it too, time for her move on.

    but the highlight of the episode was easily “I’m Quinn Bitch” – *sigh*…i love Harrison/Columbus Short.

    • Shannon

      nicole, you know I like the introduction of the Senator too– BECAUSE we don’t want to see Olivia sitting around pining over President. But I don’t want him to be the one, lol!

      And yeah. Columbus Short is pretty awesome.

  • Carl

    We loved all of the same moments, I ESPECIALLY loved the Fitz/Olivia about HOT! And, Bellamy Young gave my goosebumps goosebumps with that scene last night. The entire episode was pure perfection. I’m re-watching it now because I just can’t get enough!

    • Shannon

      Carl, Mellie is frightening– so good! I’m glad we’re getting to see more of her this season because we know some ish is about to go down whenever she shows up. Love it!

  • Whit

    I thought the episode was great, you pinpointed the amazing moments. I like that the Senator has come into the picture because it will create more tension for Fitz/Liv. But he really needs to cool in on the jealous before he destroys the country!

    • Shannon

      Whit, you make a good point. ‘Scandal’ takes a lot of risk in showing that the President’s personal life does affect his ability to make decisions– he’s totally emotional, esp when it comes to Liv. It’s going to be interesting to see if this ever has really big effects on his presidency.

  • fab4runner

    I just watched the last four episodes and am finallyyyy caught up. That actually makes me kind of sad…but I will just have to deal with it.

    LOVED the last episode. You definitely picked all of my favorite moments in your recap. Fitz and Olivia in the woods was amazing for sure. I grew up in the country…no one ever put any boots on me. BOO!

    Definitely can’t wait for next week. I haven’t seen any scenes so I have no idea what’s coming up, but I am sure it will be amazeballs.

    PS I love Huck.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, OMG Guillermo (Huck) is THE BEEEEESSSSSTTTT! I honestly don’t think anyone loves Olivia the way he does– not even Pres. We def have to talk about him more; he’s the best. So glad you brought him up, lol.

      “I grew up in the country…no one ever put any boots on me.”
      LMAO!!!!!!! I KNOW right?!

  • ImThePrezBitch

    This may be my favorite Scandal recap ever! Best part for me was when the President lost his mind, had his girl up against a tree and was going for her pants button before she pulled away. The boy was going to take Liv up against the tree right behind the backs of his SS guys!! President Ghost is insanely hot.

    • Shannon

      ImThePrezBitch, yeeaaahhh! I’m so glad you liked the recap. That moment in the woods had to be one of the most INTENSE scenes ever in the history of the universe! It was awesome, lol :)

  • Adriana

    I finally got to watch this last night and WOW-OH-WOW! I’ve been avoiding this post till I was able to catch up and the first thing I did over my coffee and breakfast at work this AM was read your delicious recap. You touched on all my favorite bits for sure! I must say that I’ve been emotionally drained on Olivia’s behalf since I watched last night. I even work up this AM feeling like I was suffering, lol! I just can’t get over that look on her face when he is on his knee forcefully putting her boots on her, it just KILLED me (I also kept thinking, I sure hope those 1) fit her and 2) don’t wrinkle up the bottom of those cute pants – lmfao). Bottom line though, I love the dynamic between the two. This feeling I’ve been having for Olivia and Fitz reminds me so much of how torn I felt for Meredith Grey and McDreamy all those years ago. Shondra KNOWS suffering and matters of the heart. And Shannon girl, you know how to do a recap. Please keep them coming xo A

    • Shannon

      Adriana, yeaahhh! So glad you got to watch and that the recap was to your liking. Shonda is INSANE, right? Like, creepy good at this whole thing. What’s really interesting is that originally, the Pres and Olivia was supposed to be a MINOR story in the show. But Shonda said that the energy between the two of them was so intense, she decided to make it a greater story. Uh. Yeah. Smart move! I can watch those two all day, lol.

      Thanks again for commenting– we’ll be here this Friday! Same time, same place :)

  • blaqfury

    This episode make me really just become extremely sympathetic to Huck. That’s a ride or die, if I’ve seen one. A technical assassin genius! Who can hack a computer and torture with extreme caution in the same day? Huck..
    Although I want Fitz and Olivia to work it out. I still can’t help to like Mellie and her cattiness. She is a strong woman who definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. I hope they’re able to keep writing her like this… she intrigues me.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, Huck for the win! Lol, he is tops. But he seems so sensitive, you kinda just wanna hug him when he’s done hacking and torturing for Olivia, lol.

      Mellie is also amazing to watch! It’s gonna be cool to watch her character develop– she’s something else.

  • Lulu

    Well geez. I decided to watch an episode after all the raving I’ve seen, and gah! I have yet another new show! I watched it all in 2 days.. eek!

    The shoes/boots scene. ooooh me gosh. it was steamy with out steam. awesome.

    I even watched this BEFORE catching up on Revenge. :O

    • Shannon

      Lulu, LMAO @ ‘steamy with out steam.’ I KNOOOOW right? So glad you’ve been converted to The Gladiators! It’s as addictive as ‘Revenge’ but it’s also on a whole ‘nother level! Second recap going down soon :)

  • Thomas

    OMG. Just finished watching this episode (had to DVR and haven’t had anytime to get caught up!). WOW. That’s all I have to say. I loved everything about this episode. The pacing, the twists and turns, the flash at the end of Abby and David. Just wow. No other words. I love Olivia and Fitz but I love Millie too, and actually feel quite bad for her. Love love love everything about this episode.

    • Shannon

      Thomas, I’m just seeing this but YES! Such a good episode. Millie def got to show a more vulnerable side in this episode, if only for a few moments. And you do kinda feel for her. She’s got such a good storyline– can’t wait to see where it all ends up!