Watch: These Two ‘Scandal’ Promos Might Get You Mentally Prepared For Tonight’s Episode


So last Thursday was probably the worst Thursday in the history of Thursdays because Scandal was not on! Whatever. But tonight it’s back and there is nooo way you are mentally prepared for the madness so I’m here to help with a couple of promos/sneak peeks for tonight’s episode. First of all, the episode is called Hunting Season, so there’s that to be freaked out about, and second of all, it looks like Olivia Pope’s deep, dark, presidential secrets are secrets no more. Uh-oh! Check out the sneak peek above (I suggest enlarging it for optimal viewing) and click inside for the preview!

Scandal, Season 2 Episode 3 Preview:

Yeah. No. Still not ready. Nobody call me tonight. Kthanksbye.

Scandal airs on ABC tonight, at 10 pm EST.


  • Stephanie

    So I think you should know Shannon that you convinced me to start watching Scandal, first getting caught up on a combo of Netflix/Hulu, and now I am just as addicted. I’m just sad that I can’t watch marathon blocks of episodes at a time anymore and instead have to wait A WEEK (or more, damn you presidential debate) in between!

    • Shannon

      Stephanie, yeaahhh! So glad you’ve been converted. And I know how you feel– I actually considered recording but NOT watching every single episode this season so I could have that marathon feeling I had while watching the first season on Hulu. But yeah, no that was not happening, lol :)

  • blaqfury

    See Ms. Pope…. no good comes from forbidden boo luvin’

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, lol. It was all bound to come out some day!

  • nicole

    oooh cant wait for tonight!

    • Shannon

      nicole, ditto! We might have to recap tomorrow…

    • Thomas

      Recap! Recap! Recap!

      Ugh, I am so excited for this episode. Can’t watch it tonight but double checked the DVR three times to make sure it’s set!

    • nicole

      Shannon, i think a recap is definitely needed.

    • Shannon

      Okay, okay! The recap is coming!

  • Carl

    Shannon, we totally need to start discussing Scandal on this blog! I need an outlet aside from twitter! Amazing, amazing, amazing. This show is just incredible. AND! I totally got replies from Katie Lowes and Darby Stanchfield tonight on Twitter. So cool.

    P.S. “I’m Quinn, bitch!” LMAO

    • Carl

      Annnd I just got a reply from Bellamy Young, too! My night has been made.

    • Shannon

      Carl, it sounds like you just had the best night EVER! Crazy jealous of you right now, lol…

    • Carl

      It WAS pretty great, not gonna lie. And I may or may not have let out shrieks of excitement each time I got a reply.