Watch: Lifetime TV Releases A New Promo Video For ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’


Last week we learned not only that Bobbi Kristina Brown had gotten herself “engaged” to her former pseudo-brother Nick Gordon (it’s unclear if the engagement is real or for show) but that the Houston family will be featured on their very own reality TV series called The Houstons: On Our Own. Today we get to check out a newly released promo video for the show that gives us another look a the series … which is set to debut on Lifetime next week on October 24. I mean, it really seems like this reality TV show came out of nowhere. I can’t help but cringe at seeing Whitney’s family on a TV show that will dramatize their lives in the wake of her untimely death. I don’t know that reality TV is the right place for Bobbi Kris but … the show is coming whether we like it or not. Check out the video above and see what you think. Does this look like a series that you would want to watch?

  • Marcus

    For some reason I’m not really buying that she is in love with Nick because after watching him on the “Remembering Whitney Special” last night, I think he might be a little gay. I could be wrong but as a gay man that’s what I noticed. Anyway, I think that is a scenario that they are doing for camera’s and ratings. Its sad that they are using Whitney’s death for gain.

  • danny

    she is tacky as hell