First Listen: Ester Dean Releases A Dance Remake Of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’


Finally! It’s been an eternity since we last heard a new track from Ester Dean. But I forgive her, because I understand she’s working on her debut album with Interscope records, Stories Never Told. I first got introduced to Ester Dean over the summer, when she was being hailed as Rihanna’s songwriter (although she’s written for countless other pop stars). Now we’re all waiting to see if she can hold her own as a singer. I Can’t Make You Love Me is a remake of the hugely popular Bonnie Raitt song, and it totally deviates from the origina, which may very well be a good thing. Ester’s vocals ring out over a crazy-hype dance beat, giving the song a very edgy, very contemporary sound. Now I friggen loooove Ester’s voice, which is why I can do without all the auto tune. Still, I can totally hear this song bumpin in the clubs (which Bonnie Raitt fans may hate), and I like that it sounds very different from her other two songs, BAM BAM and Baby Makin’ Love. What do y’all think of the new jam?

P.S. Ester’s doing a song with Missy Elliot?!?!?! OMG. Cannot wait…


  • miguel

    Rihanna better superglue her weave on…this sounds like a HIT!!

    • @miguel — LOL!!!

    • Shannon

      miguel, LOLOLOLOL! So wrong! And so right…

  • nicole

    love it! and um Ester & Missy? yes please!

    (p.s. saw Pitch Perfect, freakin loved that movie, i now have a total girl crush on Rebel Wilson – & Ester was great in the movie)

  • c’MON

    love the voice, love the song, love the idea, HATE the synths that kick in at about 1:30–and I LOVE electronica

  • anhimals

    I love her voice! Agree with you about the auto tune