‘The X Factor’ Announces Their Two New Hosts


Back in May, The X Factor finally confirmed that they had signed on Britney Spears to judge the show alongside Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and LA Reid. The next bit of casting involved the host or hosts who would helm the show once the live performances part of the show got underway. It was assumed that a host or the hosts would be announced over the Summer, well before the show began airing in September. The show started airing and no host was announced. The show is now in its second month and up until this week, no host was announced. There had been rumors about who might get the gig and today we learn that those rumors have been officially confirmed. Mario Lopez and Khloé Kardashian Odom have been selected to co-host The X Factor. Natrually, this is good/bad news for me.

After weeks of rumors about who our new hosts will be, we can officially confirm that it is indeed reality star Khloe Kardashian Odom and actor/host Mario Lopez. The two will make their X FACTOR co-hosting debut when the Live Shows begin in early November. “The worst kept secret in Hollywood is out,” said Simon Cowell today. “Mario and Khloe are our hosts. They will debut on our first live show in November and I couldn’t be happier.” “I’m so thrilled to become a part of THE X FACTOR family,” said Khloe. “I’ve been a big fan of the show and look forward to working with Simon and all of the judges. It’s going to be so much fun!” Added Mario, “I’m very excited to be joining THE X FACTOR team. I love the show, and I’ve been a big fan of Simon Cowell and the judges for a long time. Khloe and I have been friends for years and I know we’ll be a great team and have a blast.” Khloe also took to Twitter (@KhloeKardashian) and her blog to spread the good news. She wrote, “I’m a huge fan of the show, so I literally fell over in my chair when I heard that I was being considered for the role. The show already has such an incredible panel of judges and it is truly an honor to have been given this opportunity to work with them. I’m thrilled, overjoyed, and of course a little nervous about this new step in my career, and I can’t wait to get started. Wish me luck!” Mario also hit his Twitter (@MarioLopezExtra) to make the big announcement. He tweeted, “Alright guys, it’s official…I’ll be hosting @TheXFactorUSA! Looking forward to working with @SimonCowell and the rest of the amazing team”

Now … as a brand new fan of The X Factor (a fan who ONLY watches the show for Britney Spears) I can’t say I’m particularly wowed by this news. Mario Lopez is fine, actually. I like him … I don’t love him. I think he’ll make a great host but I don’t really expect him to be particularly amazing (I do expect him not to annoy me as much as Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly on those other singing shows). As for the other host, well, y’all know my personal feelings about anyone from the K family. That said, I honestly can’t say a bad thing about Khloé. She is a very good friend of a friend of mine and as I understand it, she is a very lovely and loyal person. I’m just not a fan of anyone from the K family so I do my best to just not even discuss them … so, I don’t think I’ll be blogging much about the hosts of The X Factor. But, I will continue to watch the show so I can cheer for/fawn over our dear Britney Spears. Do any of y’all have any particularly strong feelings about this casting news? Please, feel free to share.


  • blaqfury

    I agree Trent… not a fan of the Kardashians, but from my limited exposure to them, it seems as if Khloe is the most likable. I’m a Voice fan myself, so I have not watched the X-Factor and have no plans to start watching it either. Mario Lopez nor Khloe are big enough of a draw for me to be curious. But then again… i’ve recently graduated out of the 18-25 market.. so I’m probably not their target…

  • Tina

    Does the show even need a host? I mean, really?

  • Joanna

    If they want to keep up with The Voice and American Idol they need a host, but two is a bit much. Loving the Mario Lopez choice but hating the Khloe choice. That being said, I wonder if Mario will continue to host Extra while hosting X-Factor.

  • Jacinta Yanders

    Any host has to be better than the dude they had last year. I dig Khloe and Mario has hosting experience, so I think this will go ok.

  • nicole

    i think Khloe will make a great host. she seems to be the only one in that family who isnt annoying & doesnt seem completely fake.

  • romesf415


  • Megan

    My feelings towards the Kardashian’s are the same but I have to say from what I have seen Khloe seems quite funny and some what down to earth. I think this could be a good pairing…I hope they have good chemistry and I hope they joke with the judges and question their critiques/song choices/voting decisions. The show needs some drama!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Khloe is easily my favorite Kardashian. From what I’ve seen of her she is pretty funny and actually pretty relatable. I feel like her and Mario will do a nice job hosting. They’re just hosts, and there are two of them so that limits each of their exposure. I’m alright with this! MORE BRITNEY.

  • DC

    Khloe Kardashian a reason for me to stop watching

  • Dezden


    Yeah, this is a bit overkill tbh, but whatever. I just realized I’ve met them both. Worddd.

  • Bec

    Out of all the K Family, I like Khloe the best, so I think she’ll make a great judge on the X Factor! =)

  • Bec

    *Host not judge haha

  • Astrid

    Oh this is why I love you Trent! You’re so classy:) If you don’t like someone, you don’t talk about or feature them in your blog. Wish everyone was like that…!

    …But I have to agree with you. Khloe is by far the least annoying Kardashian. She seems much more grounded and “normal” than her siblings…and mother:)

  • emily

    I agree that Khloe is the least annoying K, and I find it hilarious that this is everyone else’s response. Not, “Oooh! Love Khloe! Great choice!” But, “Meh, she’s the least offensive of the Ks. I’ll deal.”

    I’m a big fan of America’s Best Dance Crew and Mario hosts that. He doesn’t do a bad job, but I do fast forward through all this parts, he’s just a bit tedious. Adorable dimples though. :o)