First Look: ‘Carrie’ Releases A Teaser Trailer & First Movie Poster


Last week we saw a batch of viral promo photos from the forthcoming remake of Carrie. Today we get to check out a teaser trailer for the film that was first released at New York Comic Con over the weekend. In the clip, which you can watch in full above, we hear different voice over comments while the camera pans in from above over a burning city. It’s a simple clip but an effective one. Additionally, the first movie poster for Carrie has also been released. You can see it in full below.

I like the trailer but I don’t love it … the poster, I love. The teaser really held my interest … until the end when bloody Chloë Moretz as Carrie looks up at the camera in an attempt to appear menacing. I’m really not trying to compare the films (yet) but Sissy Spacek in the original Carrie just looked scary without even trying. Still, I am reserving judgment until we see the film in full. I love that we are getting promo stuff so early. I can’t wait to see what else is released in the coming months. What do y’all think of this trailer and poster? Are you impressed?

  • Dach

    The teaser trailer looks really good. I’m happy to see how this movie will tell the story, since it will be based off the book, not a remake of the 1976 film. As for the release date, I figured since it might have a great chance of doing well with noone big budget movie out, plus with the proms being around the corner…..

    • @Dach — You are so right about releasing it during Prom season, brilliant planning.

  • jakc

    chloe moretz is a very talented actress, I don’t think she’s really “attempting” to do anything, shes doing her own take on carrie and hopefully people appreciate it rather than comparing her to sissy spacek.

  • Amanda

    This looks promising!

  • DigDoug

    I like the teaser… After the 2003 re-make of ‘Carrie’, which was worse than pretty much any other movie I’ve ever seen, ever, I’m hopeful this incarnation lives up the novel and original film versions. :)