‘American Horror Stor: Asylum’ Premieres In Hollywood


The stars of American Horror Story: Asylum came out last night for a premiere event here in Hollywood to celebrate the season 2 premiere of the show. As you may know, AHS will return tomorrow night with an all new season that, altho features some of the actors from season 1, will introduce an entire set of new characters in an entirely new setting to tell an entirely new story. AHS veterans Jessica Lange and Evan Peters were joined on the red carpet by new castmembers like James Cromwell, Jenna Dewan and others. Click below to see some photos from the red carpet arrivals of the American Horror Story: Asylum premiere last night.

Despite my anger with how season one of American Horror Story ended (and my VOW THAT I WOULD NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN), I am actually looking forward to this new season of the show. I’m going to TRUST that this new version of the show will be worth watching. I just love Jessica Lange so much that it would be hard for me to turn my back on her no matter how terrible the show might be … but I’m encouraged by how AHS: Asylum LOOKS to be shaping up. Last night’s premiere event was, I believe, the last hurrah before the new season debuts on FX tomorrow night. I’m ready. I’m hopeful. I’m anxious. Are you?


  • Rachel

    Trent, I really want to know why you didn’t like the end of Season 1. I was personally not impressed but it didn’t make me hate the show. Do tell! – Rachel

    • @Rachel — I loved the show until it turned into, at the end, a poor rip off of Beetlejuice. I couldn’t watch the show seriously any more after that.