Amanda Bynes Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ To Driving On A Suspended License


Last month Amanda Bynes went into court to plead Not Guilty to charges that she was responsible for a couple of hit and run accidents. Yesterday, she went back to court to plead Not Guilty to two charges of driving on a suspended license. By my count, Amanda still has another court date ahead where she will, presumably, please Not Guilty to the charge of drunk driving … because, hey, Amanda is always innocent … right? Click below to read the deets about Amanda’s most recent court date appearance.

Amanda Bynes entered not guilty pleas today to 2 counts of driving on a suspended license, TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story … Amanda was charged after police pulled her over in Burbank, CA last month — and, upon discovering her license was suspended, ticketed her and impounded her black BMW. Amanda was not in court today — her attorney entered the pleas. The case, one of many on Bynes’ plate, is due back in court Nov. 29. If you recall, she’s also facing one charge of DUI and two charges of hit-and-run.

I’m not exactly sure how one can successfully prove that they weren’t driving on a suspended license when they were pulled over twice by police WHILE DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE. I guess there must be a way to work out a deal or something, I dunno. At this point, Amanda has plead Not Guilty 4 times to 5 of her charges … next up, the DUI case. Innocent, y’all … Amanda Bynes is innocent until proven guilty.