Watch: Detroit/NYC Rapper Angel Haze Releases A Video For ‘Werkin’ Girls’


The other day I was so crazy excited to hear that new song from Eve, and now we have a video from another rapper who caught my eye at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Although Eve has obviously been one of my faves since the 90s, Angel Haze is a new artist (originally from Detroit, but now a New Yorker) who performed in one of the cyphers with A$AP Rocky and Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover); she killed it, and then immediately dropped a video for her new song Werkin Girls. As I said on the Eve story, I’m mainly just excited to see more women coming forward with new rap music. I can’t spit all these bars myself, y’all!  Angel Haze is a big Nicki Minaj fan who’s been getting compared to artists like Azealia Banks… but trust, she’s very much her own rapper with her own style and sensibilty. She’s also a self-described pansexual, which is kind of awesome and kind of hilarious. Check out the video for more! I am really, really diggin’ this new jam. Lyrically, I think Angel Haze can def hold her own and the visuals are weird, but not too weird and dark, but not too dark. Mmmhhh, well, it gets a little dark at the end, lol. But ultimately, me likey!

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  • muchacha

    That was cool song Shannon – thanks, although I don’t like the ending of the video! I’ve been paying attention to your music suggestions since you posted about Frank Ocean (whom I now can’t get enough of), and Azaelia Banks (1991 is a top 5 for when I’m out on my runs). I needed to look up ‘pansexual’, that’s a new one for me. Overall I am really into the emergence of new female rappers, so thanks :)

    • Shannon

      muchacha, glad you enjoyed! She kinda blew me away at the awards show and I had to share. This way we can’t all keep complaining about the lack of talent out here, lol.

  • Yasmin

    Yeah, the ending I could have done without… But I like the song and I love that she’s open about being pan. And the little white fluffy dog is hilarious! Definitely not a pitbull!

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, yeah the ending was… intense to say the least. The dog was fun; there was a lot of fun, artsy stuff which I thought was cool.

  • JCZ

    If Mya and Aaliyah had a baby (how’s that on name play? Now I’m thinking of Lettermans joke at the Oscars with Oprah, Uma & Keanu) then that baby would make this woman.

    She has a great flow – compared to Azealia Banks who for me, sounds like she recorded her lines before even hearing the music and sounds a bit out of place.

    • Shannon

      JCZ, ha! She gets compared to Aaliyah a lot. When she was at the awards she had the hair swoop, the shades and everything.

      I agree, the flow was on point! I hope we get to hear more of her.