Kanye West Attacks A Photographer For Asking His Girlfriend A ‘Reggie Bush’ Question [UPDATE]


Oh hell nawl. That awkward moment when your ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and his pregnant girlfriend are having dinner at the restaurant across the street and paparazzi ask you how you feel about that and your new boyfriend starts flipping the eff out because your new boyfriend is Kanye West. Okay, y’all. I have to write about Kim Kardashian. Trent, please don’t take your lurve away from me– because this is really about Yeezy… via Kim. So, paparazzi caught Kimye coming out of Prime Hotel in Miami (Reggie Bush plays for the Dolphins) and, since rumors have been abounding that Kim is upset over Reggie’s forthcoming bundle of joy, photogs decided to ask her how she felt about it all. Well, even I know that you don’t do some ish like that in front of the new man! Peep the gallery to see how Kanye reacted (spoiler alert: he reacted badly), and click inside to learn more!  Finally, Kanye gets a That-Ish-Cray Of The Day! I know he’s been waiting for one of those, seeing as how he inspired the name and all ;)
In Touch also released a report:

In Touch can reveal that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went on a romantic date on Oct. 14 — right across the street from where Kim’s ex Reggie Bush was dining with his pregnant girlfriend!

Kim and her beau cozied up at Prime Hotel in Miami while Dolphins star Reggie was having a post-game celebration with his parents, friends and soon-to-be baby mama Lilit Avagyab.

“Kim and Kanye had a very discreet dinner in a private room with the curtains drawn at Prime Hotel while Reggie was with his girlfriend across the street at Prime Italian,” an eyewitness tells In Touch. “Kim and Kanye got there around 5:30 p.m. and made a big scene when they exited two hours later.

“They were yelling at photographers and one of them even asked Kanye about Reggie being so close by; he didn’t seem too happy about it,” the eyewitness tells In Touch. “Both Kim and Kanye looked a bit stressed out.”

While Kim and Kanye seemed to enjoy a very private and low-key rendezvous, Reggie’s dinner was entirely different.

“They were all watching sports on the big screen and having a relaxing, lovely night,” another eyewitness tells In Touch.

Awwwww-kwaaaaaaard! You know, I refuse to believe that this is the first time that someone has asked Kim Kardashian about one of her ex-boyfriends in front of Kanye. Can you imagine all the questions she must have gotten (and still probably gets) about Kris Humphries? Surely Kanye hasn’t attacked every single one of those photographers, so I’m thinking he must really feel some type-of-way about this particular situation.

Damn, did you see those pictures?! Y’all know I lurve me some Yeezy, but he looked hella Alec Baldwin (circa summer 2012) in those photos; not a good look. Hilariously enough, Kim looked a little entertained. It’s always sweet when your boyfriend sticks up for you… lol. Plus we know she like a little attention, you know, every now and again. Nothing crazy. Wink.

What do y’all think of the drama? Do you think we’ll be getting reports that the photographer is suing Kanye? And, if it really did go down the way they’re saying, do you think Kanye was right to get all up in that photographer’s face?

Also, I’m not sure. But the photographer who took these photos might have been a woman. Not sure if that changes anyone’s perspective…

Whew. It’s just another Monday here at PITNB!

UPDATE: Okay, we have a couple of new pics in the gallery and TMZ has the story up now too… which means…. um! We broke it first!!! Holllllaaaa!!! Lol… okay. Calming down. Here’s what TMZ (with their late asses… lol… kidding) had to say:

Kanye and Kim Kardashian were leaving a dinner date in Miami Beach, when the photog — NOT OURS — shouted, “Kim did you know Reggie is here [in Miami] having dinner?”

The pap continued, “Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?”

That’s when Kanye snapped — angrily rushing after the female pap after grasping for her camera — but never actually striking the woman.  Kim was smiling during the entire confrontation.

K&K then got into a waiting Rolls Royce Phantom and left the scene.

Afterward, the pap told other photogs, “Kanye West just tried to beat me up.”

Hmmm. So my suspicions were correct, and the photographer was a woman, who is now saying that Kanye West tried to beat her up. Interesting…


[Source, Source] [Photo Credit: Insight News And Features/Splash News]


  • Akili

    Ugggh. Get this two away from each other. Its just too much! They both need low key partners to counteract their respective ridiculousness. SMH.

    • Shannon

      Akili, in a perfect world the two of them would be happy with ‘low key partners to counteract their respective ridiculousness,’ but I think they like it this way. Not necessarily a good thing.

  • Ashley

    These pictures versus the pictures of Reggie and his girlfriend couldn’t be more different. Reggie comes out with his GF in low key jeans and top, then you’ve got Kim in her see through skirt looking pleased that her man is freaking out and loving the chaos. I used to watch KUWTK (don’t judge) and thought it was funny when they tried to me it look like Reggie was desperately wanting her back.

    • Shannon

      Ashley, it’s funny because the rumor was that Kim wanted a family when Reggie didn’t and that’s why she was hurt over the pregnancy or something. I still occasionally watch Keeping Up… and it’s crazy to hear her talking about wanting babies, although at least now she’s admitted that it’s gonna be a while. Maybe Reggie kinda saw through all that and got him a woman who was actually, sorta ready for this.

  • Meg

    Between his music lamenting over how he was in love with her while she was with other men, his hypersensitivity, and jealousy, KW is really coming across as a Kardashian lapdog. Is this the same man who stormed the VMA stage and threw “artistic” tantrums throughout his career?

    • Shannon

      Meg, I hadn’t thought of it that way– I guess because I think he actually likes her. But in a way his behavior is typical Kanye– it’s emotional!

  • Dezden

    I already said it on FB, but… you go girl!!! :) PINTB is my go-to… and this is why! Woot woot!

    • Dezden

      Okay, you & Trent being awesome are #1 reason why… and you guys like stuff I do. But this is related to being awesome. So–yeah!!!

    • Shannon

      AMANDA?! IS THAT YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Wait, am I allowed to use your government, lol. Hiiiii!

  • Ben@pr

    Why a post in this blog about Kanye’s girlfriend?! I think this is/was? the only blog that doesn’t feeds Kanye’s girlfriend attention whore ego. As everybody can see she’s enjoying every millisecond of her boyfriend theatrical overreaction.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, you can blame me. You know Trent would never cover this but for me it was more about Kanye, who I actually like as an artist… although I don’t always approve of his personal decisions.

    • emily

      @Shannon: Preach! I love your Ye posts, keep them coming. If his awful girlfriend is mentioned, meh, it’s collateral damage.

    • Shannon

      emily, lol! Thanks for the love :)

  • JCZ

    Yeah Kanye is a douche.. blah blah blah we all know this… but Paparazzi… they are THE scum. The moment someone flips out at them, nudges or pushes them out of the way or their camera is dropped from their hands, they scream law suit and abuse.

    They are looking for that “big break” of cash flow the moment they can get their greasy hands on it. Half of these paps deserve more abuse than they receive, not violent, but I don’t think I’d have the temper to hold back a shoulder nudge or push when they’re continually in my face.