Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Confidence,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Have you guys been going all crazy waiting for this moment, since last week’s epic, amazing, hella fun recap?! Lol, so have I! And you should have seen the look on my face when my two year-old who I love and respect as a human being totally shoved the cable card into the box and made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to watch this episode at home, lmao! Luckily we have family just around the corner and I was able to watch and get my oh hell nawl on. So get inside! We have some serious recapping to do.

The difference between life and death comes down to confidence.

For those of you (i.e. PITNBRS miguel and Patrick) who were dying to see more of the new guy AKA Aiden, AKA the ninja dude, you got your wish! We finally got a little back story on him (and his relationship with ‘Emily’), which helped clear up a lot of questions from the last episode. Remember he saved her life and we kinda didn’t know why? Well now we do. He loves her. Surprise, surprise! Declan, as we suspected is getting all caught up in some bullshizz; this kid just refuses to stay outta trouble! Why? Whyyy?! I’m not even gonna give him an oh hell nawl for breaking into that house, because we saw this ish coming from a mile away– after he started ‘holding’ jewelry for that kid in the last episode. Ridic.

Dumbass Declan (who’s still really cute)

And some awkwardness was in the air between ‘Amanda’ and Jack, as they started making baby plans (still cannot believe these two are doing this). But a lot of the major drama, naturally, centered on the Graysons who just won’t die, lmao! Victoria’s back with a vengeance and she set up a crazy press day to explain her ‘kidnapping’ to the world, but that didn’t exactly go as planned. We also, finally got to see more of ‘Emily’s mom (who was, apparently, getting it on and poppin’ with the white-haired man) which was kind of insane. So yeah, in typical Revenge fashion, ish got cray. Here are some of my fave moments from last night’s episode!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 3: Confidence

1. Aiden Remains Sexy, Even As He Faces Death By Dumpster Truck

So after Aiden saves ‘Emily’, did she seriously knock his ass out with a wine bottle and throw him in a dumpster? Of course she did. She is so out of control! We don’t know exactly what Aiden’s intentions are, but it does seem like he’s really trying to keep this girl on track (with her revenge-ing), which is why he’s intervening. But they have so much history, from what we’re seeing of the flashbacks, you can tell Emily wants no parts in him being around. How ’bout those flashbacks, though?

So she does what any normal girl would do. She effs him up all over the place and gets him a one-way ticket to Japan, after throwing him in a dumpster! Nice.

2. The Part Where You’re All Like, ‘Emily’ Really Is Kinda The Worst Right Now.

So pregnant ‘Amanda,’ as we know, is desperate to just live her life (phony, though it be) with Jack’s sexy, do-gooding amazingness but it’s just not going down like that for her. After Jack specifically forbids her to associate closely with the Graysons (even though Charlotte is her half-sister… sort of), ‘Emily’ basically forces her to get involved in the big press day so she can continue on her wild path towards revenge (now we know why ‘Emily’ lied about the paternity test– so she could always blackmail ‘Amanda’ into doing something). By the end of the episode ‘Amanda’ gets dumped by Jack and it kinda sucks. As I said before, I love that Revenge makes us question ‘Emily’ even though we ultimately love and support her. And even though we kinda feel bad for ‘Amanda’ we can’t forget that much of the reason Jack is in love with her (or thinks he is… or was) is because he thinks she’s the Amanda he grew up with. So she’s on that grimey ish too.

Still, you can’t help but be all like, damn! ‘Emily’ is really not gonna let ‘Amanda’ just be happy with her one dude! ‘Emily’ has ALL the dudes, can’t ‘Amanda’ get ONE? No seriously, ‘Emily’ has alllll the dudes:


3. Nolan Gets Jacked Up… Again (All For The Lurve Of ‘Em’)

How effing awkward were all the interactions between Nolan’s newbie, Padma and ‘Emily’??? First of all, Nolan didn’t even know how to introduce ‘Emily’: Padma, this is Emily, my… uh Emily. LMAO. Poor Padma.

Then he was all off in the corner on the phone and Padma was like wait, I thought we were going to dinner but no… it was awful! And after all that, crazy sexy ninja Aiden jacks him up when he gets to ‘Emily’s house! Nolan really has it bad… and you kinda start to wonder if he isn’t a lil’ bit obsessed with ‘Emily’ in his own way.

4. Yooo, There Are Way Too Many Shady People On This Stage Right Now

I know Daniel had to go onstage and kind of act like he was playing along with his mother’s game, and I know everyone else did too… but howCrAzY did it make you feel to see everyone up on that stage with Victoria?!?! Aggghhhh, this woman! I really worry that this is just her world and ‘Emily’ and everyone else (including us) is just living in it, lol. Oh, and I love when she was talking to the reporter (before Charlotte blew her cover and ratted her out about Daniel Clarke), and she was all like, oh I made it out because I wanted to be with my children: Call it a mother’s will to survive. LMAO. She is the absolute worst. Love her. And I loved Conrad’s subsequent marriage proposal/threat… although it kinda works in an interesting way with PITNBR JCZ’s theory about how the two could, possibly, re-fall for each other.

5. That Awkward Moment When ‘Emily’ Realizes She Kinda Got Her Mom’s Boyfriend Killed

There’s not a lot to say about this. I mean, this moment just sucked. Now ‘Emily’ is seeing that her actions are having some seriously effed up consequences. But… something tells me she’s not ready to change her approach here. After all, this is Revenge!

Okay, so what’d everyone think of episode three? The only thing I kinda missed was Ashley. I know she’s a little schemer, but I just lurve to look at her, lol!

p.s. miguel, saw this and thought of you:


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  • Yasmin

    I don’t even know what to write. There’s just too much going on! But I don’t trust Padma one bit. These glasses are gonna come off and god knows what will happen. I love Nolan, I have to admit. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, I hadn’t even thought to be suspicious of Padma! She seems so sweet… but then again, you never know, lol!

    • Lulu

      We totally need to be suspicious! It’s Rebecca Logan from Greek! She’s sneaky. ;)

      I know.. totally different Characters, but still. She exudes sneaky. lol

    • Hannah

      I loved Greek, so was so a little too excited when Rebecca showed up looking all smart and ready to take over Nolans company.

    • Lulu

      It’s a guilty pleasure show for me that I’m catching up on netflix! Just a few more episodes till I’m done, so I’m waiting to watch them. sniff.

  • Jennie

    eh whatevs. her mom’s boyfriend tried to kill her. rude. hahahaha

    • Shannon

      Jennie, ha! Good point.

    • Thomas

      Bahaha Jennie, best response ever.

  • Hannah

    I really find it funny how every eligible aged man in this show loves Emily. Come on guys, she is screwing with you all….stop it.

    I do think that the new guy might be the best for her simply because the others will never forgive her once all her lies have been exposed. At least this one knows what he is getting in to.

    The whole subplot with Declan is a little boring, but that guy who owns the house he broke in to is really shady.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, I was def nervous when that homeowner showed up, all ready to bury the hatchet. Can’t be good.

      Emily does have way too many options, lol. But it’s nice to see Aiden, the only one who we kind of know she must have had real, non revenge-driven feelings for.

  • Devonte

    The Declan story ended too abruptly that I’m thinking the guy he stole from is gonna use him for something mischievous….you know it….

    • Shannon

      Devonte, for sure. Nobody ever gets away with ish on this show, lol.

  • Franki

    Dumbass Declan…lovin the alliteration. But seriously, I’m not even sure about the point of that story line.

    I can’t wait for the Aiden & Emily sex scene…because you know it’s yeah ;)

    • Shannon

      Franki, lolololol aghhh! You are so right– that sex scene is coming, and it will probably be kind of a big deal.

  • blaqfury

    I didn’t really like ‘Emily’ this epi. Usually she’s all revenge-y but with heart. This time she was revenge-y and cold. ‘Amanda’ can expose ‘Emily’ just as much ‘Emily’ can expose ‘Amanda’ so she should treat her a little nicer.

    I’m not sure where they are going with Declan’s storyline but they need to hurry and get to the point, cause Declan seemed like the only one with sense and now he’s stuck on stupid.

    I’m very interested in seeing “good son Daniel”. I see much potential in this storyline. Charlotte is still as clueless as ever.

    I agree with Yasmin, I think there is a lot more to Padma. I’m glad Nolan is getting a storyline that’s not totally wrapped up in Ems. I hope he soon figures out that she is trying to work her way into more than an auditors position.

    I’m still on the fence about the mother angle. I need more before I can tell if I’m into or not. As of now I’d rather watch the angst between the devious Victoria and Conrad and they’re love/hate for each other. Lol!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, you’re right about ‘Amanda’ and ‘Emily.’ I think a lot of us are waiting for ‘Amanda’ to get fed up with everything… but now that Jack has ended things with her, it’s gonna be interesting to see how she reacts.

      I always liked Declan! I still do; but I think he always kind of wanted ‘in’ to that whole lifestyle (unlike his brother), and now he’s doing dumb ish to get in there.

      Y’all have me kind of excited about the Padma angle– let’s see where that one goes, lol.

    • Talia Alavi

      I have a feeling Emily’s mom may have had something to do with her husband’s (Emily’s dad) arrest and murder. Maybe when Victoria went to visit her in the hospital years ago, she was able to convince her to join their “anti-David Clark team”. She did make her believe (kinda) that David was a terrorist and had put her in the hospital on purpose. And when Emily finds out about this, she’s gonna be insanely conflicted between her desire for revenge and her love for her mom. That’s my theory lol

    • Shannon

      Talia Alavi, that’s a good theory! I remember that scene in the hospital; you did get the feeling like there was some bad blood between David and his wife… aghhh there’s so much that we still don’t know!

  • miguel

    Eeeee! Shannon – you always spoil me with shout outs, totally brightens my day!!! :D

    BUT…can I just say…I KNEW IT. I told all of y’all she was gonna POUNCE, or better yet, she POUNCED. I agree, can “Emily” just close her damn shop, she’s got WAY too many boys going on…she needs to stop being so selfish.

    I loved the episode, and I was just so surprised how easily she was blackmailing poor(?) “Amanda” with “So, lie to him…it wouldn’t be the first time / No, Jack would kill you if he knew that baby wasn’t his…” I just sat, and my jaw DROPPED. She was so brutal!

    • Shannon

      miguel, you know I always got you, lol! And you DID call the pouncing; nice work! ‘Emily’ is getting more and more ruthless, especially when it comes to ‘Amanda.’ I remember they had beef when they first met in the juvenile detention center, and we all know how ‘Emily’ can hold a grudge, but damn!

    • miguel

      I got a feeling that the pregnancy of “Amanda” will have some future episode where she goes BALLS to the wall hormonal and blows up the Grayson manor…i just get that feeling. She’s gonna go CRAZY.

    • Shannon

      miguel, lol… that’s an interesting idea. We haven’t seen her get cray-cray in a minute. But it might all have to come out soon :)

  • Natalie

    The whole Declan thing seemed to be just plonked in there.

    But has anyone noticed that Nolan is a bit Chuck Bass-ey in how he talks? Like whispery under-his-breath ish?

    • Shannon

      Natalie, you are so right about Nolan! LMAO. I think that’s his revenge-y voice.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Meh, I don’t feel bad for Fauxmanda really. I just can’t stand her character for some reason. And you would hope Emily’s mom could get over her getting her boyfriend killed since he did try to kill her numerous times. ;)

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle????? Fauxmanda???? You are genius. Everyone. Bow. Down.

    • ClaireMichelle

      Haha, why thank you! Feel free to use that name for her. :)

  • JCZ

    I can’t even, with this show. The sheer amount of conversation analysing this show with someone is just TOO MUCH!!!!

    I was definitely thinking the show was gonna go down the whole… “Declan gets caught with the stashed diamond in his bag/draw cause the other kids dobbed him in just to laugh at him with all his snobby friends” so I’m glad it went the opposite route (so far)… even if it’s just a cliche storyline.

    I can sympathise with you Shannon about Amanda just wanting to live her (phony) life. But I just cannot help root for Emily no matter what. I just think Amanda is as confused now as she was before Emily met her, I think Emily has severely manipulated her.

    Nolan was awkies. I don’t know what that could be. The thing with Tyler last season. What’s going on? He is an underrated character and we still don’t know HIM compared to other characters. His creepy voice as well is impressive but raises so many bizarre alarms in my head, cause really ANYTHING can happen in this show.

    • Shannon

      JCZ, you’re right to bring up Tyler & Nolan from last season… we haven’t talked about Nolan’s sexuality. Is it just me or is it kind of ambiguous?

    • JCZ

      You’re onto something Shannon! I think we could be here for days discussing all the possibilities about the many storylines and twists. He is an interesting character and there is so much more to him than we already know.

      For someone so important to Emily’s plan, after all it wasn’t even her intention to get him involved but he has been the greatest help thus far, we really only know 2 major things: his mother knew of the plot against Emily’s father and Nolan was close to him in the lead up to his death. We know nothing beyond that and I hope to know more this season… and also whatever it is ‘Amanda’ got up to after the Japanese guy took her away – that ONE thing irritates me SO much that I feel the writers forgot about it – but they’re too smart for that, right?

    • Shannon

      JCZ, yeah! You’re right about that moment with ‘Amanda’ and I’d like to think the writers haven’t forgotten that WE haven’t forgotten that we still don’t know what happened… other than that at some point she hooked up with some guy. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with that.

  • naomi black

    I give the New Alexis Carrington Colby/Amanda Woodward Award to….. Victoria Grayson!!! Her bitch is SO delicious, & I’m addicted… I absolutely love this show!!!

    • Shannon

      naomi black, ‘Her bitch is SO delicious’!!! You’re so right. She really is everything for this show.

  • Mark

    This episode was amaze…but the best part is how good/evil Victoria looks. Did my girl get a new wig?

    • Shannon

      Mark, I agree– Victoria really has the perfect look. I like how she always looks so well put together, but still like a grown woman. Maybe she did get a new wig; I’ll keep an eye out on the next episode.

  • Kim-E

    I think Nolan is the last and ultimate double cross for “Emily”. He may be gay or bi but he is definitely a user. I also think the government sniffing around his company is a sign he is dirty and perhaps working for the organization the white haired man/Emily’s mother’s bf did. Mainly because of his new workouts getting him into muscular shape. I think no one would see him as a spy especially since he took Emily’s crap this long. That would be the ultimate final season twist that her father got in over his head and in fact lead the organization to the white haired man’s treachery of “the organization” and causing him to set up Emily’s father. It was Nolan pulling the strings the whole time.

    Padma is a gold digger which is why Nolan couldn’t introduce Emily as he left it blank for her to wonder. He’s got her on the gerbil wheel of love and money and she’s not getting off until she’s paid.

    Declan needs to step back into the shawdows. He’s a constant irritant with his naivete and needing to belong. When you’re in a rich area and not rich, know your place so you can’t get hurt. He’s constantly setting himself up to look badly and get embarrassed by his richer “friends”.

    Amanda is addicted to the drama. She also doesn’t like to work and by hanging around Emily she can live off her or Jack. If she could, she’d help Nolan do something but he’d put her to work. As a side note, I think that’s why she stopped helping the guy last season. He wanted her to drive the car, plant notes, etc. Just too much. She needs to lay in the sun and have drama happen around her. I wondered why she came back to Emily to deal with her crap but then realized she may not have run out of money because how did she find Emily? Don’t remember.

    I think Victoria is going to die and the alleged plane crash was foreshadowing. She is going to be the drama queen until they can replace her or close that loop hole. Her husband will think life is better until he finds out she had her fingers in so many pies he can’t figure it out and then run. I picture him pulling a David Banner and being a hitchhiker working on/in communes or something where people don’t give real names and are transient.

    I see Daniel and Charlotte ending up broke and moving to Europe. He gets a job in London and takes the ferry to France to visit his sister who is working at a coffee shop. The sad part is she’s an artist and trying to sell her paintings but in reality she becomes an escort and is really passed around by members of “the organization” for their amusement.

    Emily is shanked by Nolan and loses her mind because of the betrayal and wakes up in a mental hospital. She wants to start the revenge thing over again except Nolan still has his money and now he has hers as well and hires fake Amanda to be a nurse in the hospital and Emily can’t get out.

    Aiden is killed by Nolan via poison after finding the hospital.


    Other than that future fantasy, I really like the show. It’s answering questions about Amanda/Emily’s past and how she learned to take revenge while keeping the present moving. I’d hate it to jump the shark but the show definitely likes the edge and I hope it can stay there.

    • Shannon

      Kim-E, omg you went iiin! I love that you have a whole fantasy season popping off– that’s awesome. Seriously, anything could happen on this show but I hope they never send Victoria away (on a real death or fake) because I need her on this show, lol!

      I also like that we’re getting to see another side of ‘Emily.’ It looks like, when she was training alongside Aiden, there was a softer side to her. Hopefully we’ll get to see wtf happened!

  • Lulu Nolan can not double cross Ems… I won’t allow it!
    I’m still rooting that they are somehow half siblings .. lol :)

    • Shannon

      Lulu, omg another awesome ‘Revenge’ plot theory! I love it!

  • Cara

    O…M…G… Shannon! I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already do, but it’s official. You. Are. Hilarious. I just giggled my way through your entire post! I am so glad that you are into Revenge – no one I know is – and it is just THE best! :)

    • Shannon

      Cara! Yeeeahhh! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap (I will never tell y’all how long these take… but they take hella long, lmao)! But I have so much fun doing it so I’m glad you have fun reading :)

      Thanks so much for the love– all the comments make every screen shot I take totally worth it!

  • Pheefs

    so Nolan introduces her as “my Emily”
    & if you only listen to his side of the conversation with Ems when he ends up cancelling dinner on Padma it is HILARIOUS!!

    He totally took advantage of that moment to make it look to Padma like Emily is his lover, but why?

    • Shannon

      Pheefs, I definitely noticed that moment! But I didn’t think he was doing it to purposefully make it look a certain way to Padma– but that’s an interesting spin on it!

  • Thomas

    I just watched this episode right now (had to DVR it on Sunday night). Holy cow. It was INTENSE, as always. Loved when Victoria had everyone up on the stage. Just the perfect ‘tableau’ to quote Conrad. I’m sooo pumped for next week too – it looks so good.

    • Thomas

      PS: Shannon, again I LOVE your recaps. Totally makes my week. They need to continue always. :)

      Plus, I find myself during the episode wondering what you’ll choose as your top 5 moments haha!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, thanks– I’m so glad y’all are enjoying these! I’m thinking we might have to start doing one for my other fave show Scandal, which didn’t have an episode last week so I’m craaaazy excited for this Thursday :)

    • Thomas

      omg, yes. A Scandal recap would be the best too. I was sooo sad when it wasn’t last week! This week’s episode looks so good too.

  • Joan

    I was watching Episode 201 again last night, and I noticed that the water rescue at the very beginning of the episode seems to be a flash forward. That was Jack’s freaking boat!

    Took me long enough. lol Now I’m going through a sorts of delayed reactions. Who is the body? The rescue team said it wasn’t an accident, so WHO SUNK THAT THING DOWN? Who blew it up? Ah! Now that Victoria has put Fauxmanda on display, she has a HUGE target on her back. I hope Jack and Declin don’t get caught in the crossfire. Oh man.

    • Shannon

      Joan, Oh I DEF remember that opening sequence and I have purposefully tried not to think about WHO was on the boat. As far as I’m concerned it can be anybody but Jack… please. Don’t let it be Jack.

    • Joan

      When Sam (the dog) died I was sobbing so bad! lol I can’t even imagine what’d happen if Jack died. I doubt it. My guess is it is someone completely random that wasn’t supposed to be there. Like new guy Aiden.

      Darned it, I love it when this show does flash forwards!

  • romesf415


    • Shannon

      romesf415. Best. Comment. Ever.

      No. Seriously. You are my hero– mainly because of the many various references to red wine. Thank you for this :)