First Look: Ke$ha Releases The Cover Artwork For Her New Album ‘Warrior’


Popstar Ke$ha, the current covergirl on Billboard magazine, gave us the first listen of her new single Die Young late last month. As you may recall, we also got to see the artwork for the single. Today we get our first look at the cover art for her sophomore album Warrior, which is due out on December 4th. When I first saw her coverphoto on Billboard magazine, I commented on how cleaned up Ke$ha looks … I’m sorry to see that her new “cleaner” look is not featured on her album cover. Click below to check out the cover art for Warrior but you may want to put on a pair of sunglasses first … the artwork is pretty loud.

Global superstar Ke$ha will be releasing her sophomore album, WARRIOR, on December 4th through Kemosabe/RCA Records. The first single “Die Young” is available now. Executive produced by Kemosabe Records head Dr. Luke, WARRIOR features tracks written by Ke$ha, as well as collaborations with producers, writers and musicians including,, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Cirkut, Bonnie McKee, Wayne Coyne, Iggy Pop, Patrick Carney, Ben Folds, Greg Kurstin, Kojak, Ammo, and Billboard. The first single “Die Young” was co-written by Ke$ha, Nate Ruess from fun., Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco and Cirkut. There will be a 12 track standard version of the album and a 16 track deluxe edition. Additionally, there will be an exclusive version of the album that will be sold at and will include a special bonus 5 song acoustic EP. Says Ke$ha, “I am so excited to finally share WARRIOR with all of my amazing ANIMALS. I’ve been working for a year on this new record and have collaborated with some of my idols. This process has been long and intense and I couldn’t be more stoked to share this music. I hope with WARRIOR my fans get to know me in a much more raw and vulnerable way.”

I can’t say that I like this album art at all … which is surprising to me because I’m such a fan of neon (sad but true, I’ve learned to accept it). I was hoping that Ke$ha had abandoned the glitter and dirt look for this new era of music. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m looking to give her music serious attention with the release of her next album but it’s hard to take her seriously at all when she looks like a homeless clown. STILL, the proof is in the pudding. Die Young is a pretty good pop track but I’m anxious to hear more. I guess in this instance, I’ll have to try and not judge a book by its cover before I get to hear the entire album. What do y’all think? Are there any Ke$ha ANIMALS out there? Do you like this cover art?


  • Joanna

    I think the skanky train-wreck factor just hit an all time high. The artwork looks kinda like a scene from a horrible acid trip. That being said, I think Die Young is my favorite Ke$ha song. Before that song I was ambivalent about her and her songs. Now I’m kinda not a fan of her looks but a budding fan of her songs.

  • fmx

    It doesn’t look warriorish to me, it’s kind of void of anything meaningful as far as an album cover goes. I imagine that they wanted this easy to find at the music store.

  • Carl

    I’m over her. She can go away now.