First Look: Kelly Clarkson Releases The Album Art For Her New Greatest Hits Album [UPDATE]


Early this month, Kelly Clarkson announced the forthcoming release of her first ever Greatest Hits album. Soon after, she released a new single titled Catch My Breath … a brand new song included on Greatest Hits – Chapter 1. Today, we not only get to check out the album artwork for Kelly’s new Greatest Hits album but we also get to see which of her massive hit songs will be included on this release. Click below to check out the album art and the tracklisting for Greatest Hits – Chapter 1. UPDATE: Kelly’s Greatest Hits album art has been changed, see the updated final artwork below.

01 Since U Been Gone
02 My Life Would Suck Without You
03 Miss Independent
04 Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
05 Behind These Hazel Eyes
06 Because Of You
07 Never Again
08 Already Gone
09 Mr. Know It All
10 Breakaway
11 Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Jason Aldean)
12 Walk Away
13 Catch My Breath
14 People Like Us
15 Don’t Rush (featuring Vince Gill)
16 A Moment Like This
17 I’ll Be Home For Christmas

LOVE THIS TRACKLIST! I mean, Kelly has put out some amazing songs over the years … and it’s clear, she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Catch My Breath is totally my jam right now. I’m really happy that Kelly is releasing her first (of many, I hope) Greatest Hits album. She deserves all of her success because she is the real deal. Love!

UPDATE: I guess the studio execs weren’t happy with the artwork above so they’ve just released this newer album art:

Honestly, I like the other photo but … no matter, this album will rule no matter which cover art they use.


  • Joanna

    I’m glad that she’s has a career so successful that she actually can release a greatest hits collection. In this day and age of massed produced younger American Idol winners many forget that the show used to have substance and garnered real artists with real talent. None of the Idol winners from the last 5 years or any Idol winner in the near future will be able to match the success of Kelly Clarkson one of the best winners and the ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL!

  • miguel

    SO proud of Kelly, initially(when I was 13) – I didn’t care for her with MISS INDEPENDENT. Over the years I’ve heard her SO much on the radio, and started getting into her with Breakaway. Up until now…I can say she’s been a part of my journey to adulthood. So great to see her have something like this in a span of 10 years. It’s been an ORGANIC release, it was a matter of time.

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait to hear the song with Vince Gill!