Snooki’s New Twit Pics Are Even More Ridiculously Cute Than The Last Ones


Okay Snookers, we get it! You’re in lurve! You didn’t even wanna go to the presumably cray-cray Jersey Shore premiere. But every time you share another picture of Lorenzo, I have to come up with a new post title that basically says the same thing as the other post titles– Snooki shares crazy-cute pictures of ridiculously adorable baby boy, lol. No but seriously y’all. These pictures are crazy cute… a lot like the other ones we’ve seen, but also a little different… and a little cuter. Click inside fore more!

Agghhhh! What’d I say? Cuteness!

Nicole and her fiancé Jionni just celebrated their two-year anniversary, which is awesome. She also recently shared a pic of herself with her personal trainer, which explains the mysterious and almost immediate disappearance of any type of baby weight. That is awesome. And annoying. I mean, look at her face!

I love that she shares crying baby pics– such a mom move, lol! It takes a lot of love to think a crying baby’s face is adorable. That’s mommy lurve, y’all. Seriously. I have at least 72 pictures of my firstborn crying. Who does that?

Oh, and Snooki apparently has a new line of glasses, as you can see. I don’t think I’ll be copping any Snooki Shades anytime soon, but props to her for being a businesswoman… and a business, woman. What? Shouts-out to Jay-Z.