Snooki’s New Twit Pics Are Even More Ridiculously Cute Than The Last Ones

Hiii Lorenzo!!!

Okay Snookers, we get it! You’re in lurve! You didn’t even wanna go to the presumably cray-cray Jersey Shore premiere. But every time you share another picture of Lorenzo, I have to come up with a new post title that basically says the same thing as the other post titles– Snooki shares crazy-cute pictures of ridiculously adorable baby boy, lol. No but seriously y’all. These pictures are crazy cute… a lot like the other ones we’ve seen, but also a little different… and a little cuter. Click inside fore more!

Agghhhh! What’d I say? Cuteness!

Nicole and her fiancé Jionni just celebrated their two-year anniversary, which is awesome. She also recently shared a pic of herself with her personal trainer, which explains the mysterious and almost immediate disappearance of any type of baby weight. That is awesome. And annoying. I mean, look at her face!

I love that she shares crying baby pics– such a mom move, lol! It takes a lot of love to think a crying baby’s face is adorable. That’s mommy lurve, y’all. Seriously. I have at least 72 pictures of my firstborn crying. Who does that?

Oh, and Snooki apparently has a new line of glasses, as you can see. I don’t think I’ll be copping any Snooki Shades anytime soon, but props to her for being a businesswoman… and a business, woman. What? Shouts-out to Jay-Z.



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