Michael Lohan & Kate Major Are Having A Baby Boy


With all the hoopla surrounding Lindsay Lohan’s overly dramatic life, I completely forgot all about the terrifying news that Michael Lohan impregnated his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kate Major. As you may recall, the once engaged couple called off their relationship after Kate alleged that Michael physically assaulted her. As a result, Lohan went to jail and a restraining order was put in place against him. He violated that order and was thrown in jail again. Once he was free, HE VIOLATED THE RESTRAINING ORDER AGAIN and managed to avoid jail because he got Kate pregnant … which, apparently, she is now pleased about. So, yeah, Michael Lohan is spawning AGAIN. I was reminded of this scary fact by the news that Michael and Kate learned that they are expecting the birth of a baby boy. Yikes!

Lindsay Lohan and her dad might be in the middle of a nuclear flight, but LiLo’s still gotta start her sisterly duties in three months … and TMZ has learned the new baby is gonna be a BOY (phew). Sources close to Michael Lohan tell TMZ he and his future baby mama, Kate Major, found out the good news just days before LiLo said she was cutting all ties with her father and vowed to never speak to him again … (again). We’re told the couple is still brainstorming ideas for names … and how to raise a child.

You may know that this new baby boy will be the second illegitimate child that Michael Lohan spawned outside of his 4 children with ex-wife Dina Lohan (Michael, Lindsay, Aliana and Dakota). Whew. I honestly cannot feel good about this pregnancy, I’m afraid. We already know what kind of father Michael Lohan is … just look at his relationship with his 5 children. And, let’s be real, you have to question the judgement of a woman who continues to allow Michael Lohan into her life (and vagina) after repeated assaults, arrests and imprisonments. All life is precious, this is true … but my concern is that this precious new life will endure a difficult life as a Lohan. Ugh, this is just … tragic :(


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