Happy Hours


So … I kinda had big plans for yesterday … watch an exciting football game, eat some wings with my bro, run around town to take care of some errands and dance the night away with friends. I was only marginally successful with my schedule. I watched the football game and altho I’m NOT COMPLAINING in the least, the University of Oklahoma route of Texas by a score of 63 – 21 meant it wasn’t a very exciting game to watch (I actually felt bad for the Longhorns). I did eat some wings but not with my bros, I chilled with Emma at Buffalo Wild Wings instead. I didn’t get to my errands run and the dancing plan petered out so … it turns out my Saturday was a very chill and relaxing day instead of a hectic one.

After Emma and I ate our weight in chicken wings, Adam met up with us for drinks at the Roosevelt Hotel. All of that eating and drinking was exhausting. I went home to relax for a bit before I hit the town but … as the night got later, my friends and I kinda just decided to not. Ah well :)

Today, I have a kiddie birthday to get to and those errands to get done. I have to start packing for my week in Detroit and I have to run some serious miles soon so … let’s see how my Sunday turns out :) I hope YOUR Sunday is a fun one. Have a great WEEKEND while you still can :D

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