Tyra Banks Is Co-Creating A Series On ABC About Her Teen Years


We all know that the ABC network (home of Revenge, Modern Family, and Scandal) has taken over the world with legitimately awesome TV. Now they’re teaming up with Tyra Bankswho knows a thing or two about good television– to bring viewers a new scripted series based on the model’s semi-awkward  high school years. The series is titled Fivehead, and I think we all know why, lol. Click inside to learn more!

Deadline Hollywood has the story:

America’s Next Top Model executive producer/star Tyra Banks is making her first foray into scripted series with Fivehead, a single-camera comedy forABC based on her teen years. Banks is co-creating/executive producing Fivehead withKenya Barris (Fox’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter), a childhood friend and longtime business partner with whom Banks also co-created America’s Next Top Model, now in its 19th cycle.

Fivehead, produced by ABC Studios, chronicles the impressionable teenage years of Banks in the halls of her high school and at home, focusing on her family and the long journey that took Banks from awkward teen to one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels. “In high school, if you have glasses, you’re a ‘four eyes’, if you have braces, you’re a ‘metal mouth’ but if you had my forehead? You’re a FIVEHEAD,” said Banks.

Barris and Banks will co-create together the characters and the story for Fivehead, and Barris will write the script. The two first met when they were 6-year-olds and attended school together, which gives Barris a first-hand account of the very times Banks and he will be reminiscing about in Fivehead. “To be able to witness her career was wild, but to be able to watch Tyra grow up was nothing short of nutty,” said Barris.

Okay, so the title is obviously hella corny but what are you gonna do? I actually like a lot of what Tyra has done on TV (i.e. America’s Next Top Model– though I haven’t watched in ages– and I thought her talk show was cool too), so this might pan out!

What do y’all think? Would you tune in to watch Fivehead (grrr… don’t like that name, lol)? And who (with a little forehead make-up) should play Tyra??? Keke Palmer is crazy talented, as is China Anne McClain. If they wanted someone a bit older, my vote would be for Ashley Madekwe from Revenge. But only if it didn’t interfere with her work on Revenge. Sigh. Revenge.


  • Sam

    I sincerely hope there’s no laugh track

  • nicole

    LOL omg i LOVEEEE the title.
    i can see this working out for her, Tyra seems to know what shes doing when it comes to TV.