OMFG: Terry Richardson Photographed Angela Lansbury For ‘The Gentlewoman’ Magazine


Y’all. I was just minding my business over at one of my favorite places, Paste Magazine, when I stumbled across these. Angela Lansbury– for whom I’ve previously expressed my unconditional lurve– as photographed by the one they call Terry Richardson. Whhhhaaaaat?! My head just exploded and there’s nothing any of you can do about it, other than join me in my quest to understand the meaning of all this. Has Terry Richardson seriously taken over the world? Is Angela Lansbury now just another hot chick who got her picture taken by Terry Richardson (à la Cameron Diaz, Giselle Bündchen, and Lindsay Lohan)??? I’m so confused! She’s even rocking the glass, y’all. PITNBRS Jess and Brent… heeelp!

Sidenote: Angela looks amazing. Love her.

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  • Brent

    Angela is totally rocking those glasses. She is what I picture when I think of class and sophistication. She is simply timeless. Thanks for the wonderful post as always Shannon.

    • Shannon

      Brent, you’re welcome! And you’re so right– the shades look amazing on her :)

  • Christina

    Does that woman ever age?? She looks fantastic! So beautiful.

    • Shannon

      Christina, I agree. I hope we get to see more of her… sans Terry, lol.

  • Karen

    She is gorgeous. Such a shame that all the beautiful women in Hollywood these days will not let themselves age naturally. It is so lovely to see this beautiful woman without the distortions from various injections and cosmetic surgeries.

    • Shannon

      Karen, I hadn’t thought of that but you’re right. It’s hard to imagine Angela Lansbury going that route. I think when you’ve had a career that was really based on your talent rather than your appearance, you can also have the freedom to age naturally. It’s a good thing.

    • Diego

      Karen & Shannon, I’m a big fan of Angela Lansbury, too, but she admitted having her neck nipped and tucked in 1988 in an interview to the People magazine. My guess is that in recent years she also had blepharoplasty since her eyes look less saggy and droopy than a few years ago, and likely a facelift because her skin looks smoother. The job was indeed well done, though, because it helped her preserve her looks without looking fake or trying too hard. Loved the photoshooting, thanks for posting it! :)

  • kmcm

    She has admitted to “nip and tuck” in the past. It’s pretty subtle–she’s certainly no Mary Tyler Moore or Sally Field when it comes to cosmetic surgery, but it’s not all quite natural.

    • Shannon

      kmcm, Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I had NO idea! As you say, it’s subtle. I found a People magazine interview she did:

      Are you in favor of plastic surgery?

      “Absolutely! It’s one of the most helpful things we can do to fight aging. If you need it, have it. I had my neck nipped and tucked, and it made a tremendous difference. I haven’t had anything done to my face, though, because I fear changing my expression.”

      Who knew? You knew! The article is here, if anyone wants to read:,,20100407,00.html

    • Diego

      We googled the same thing but you were faster than me :)

    • Shannon

      Diego, lol! I couldn’t type in the words ‘Angela Lansbury plastic surgery’ fast enough!

  • kmcm

    She’s an example of a good surgery job–she’s not trying to look 35, didn’t pull her face back so you could bounce a quarter off of it, and focused on the areas that would help her look younger but not YOUNGER–eyes and neck. I think it also helps that she had some of the work done 20+ years ago–it was probably not as obvious then as it would be if she did it now, and she can still age, but sort of from a younger starting point. I’ve read that you should have Botox when you’re younger to slow the wrinkles from forming, but you won’t totally prevent them.

    • Shannon

      kmcm, ‘she’s not trying to look 35′ YES! Thank goodness too. Because it gives her a much more natural look, even though she has had surgery. I also liked that she didn’t bash anyone who gets it done, even as she acknowledged her own personal preferences.