Ke$ha Covers ‘Billboard’ Magazine


Late last month Ke$ha dropped a new single titled Die Young. Earlier this month, we saw photos from the set of the Die Young music video. Today we learn that the dirty pop star is featured on the cover of the new issue of Billboard magazine. With a new single burning up the charts and the imminent release of a new album of songs, Ke$ha wants us to know that she is coming back with a vengeance … and she’s letting Billboard help her with her promo push. Click below to see Ke$ha’s Billboard coverphoto which, I’m surprised to say, is quite pretty.

Thus far, Billboard has not released their feature story on Ke$ha … all we get right now is the cover. I’ve been a pretty lukewarm Ke$ha fan … I like some of her songs but I’ve never really loved her as an artist. I’ve been impressed with some of her recent work (particularly her work with Britney Spears) so I’m looking forward to the release of her new album with an open mind. I like Die Young but I need to hear more if she’s gonna convert me as a fan. I’m anxious to read this Billboard story. I’d like to know if my interest in her is a good idea or if I’m just really wasting my time.


  • nicole

    thats actually a pretty picture of her.

  • Anne

    Eek.. If you stare at her foot for a few seconds, it looks freaky!!!

  • Sam

    They’re really trying to go for a new image with her

    • Sam

      She doesn’t look so “dirty” anymore