First Look: Rihanna Gets Her Second American ‘Vogue’ Magazine Cover

Plus Other Rihanna Covers We Lurve

Rihanna‘s Vogue magazine cover is officially here! The singer, who is crazy busy getting her seventh studio album together, is rocking her new short ‘do and a fiery red dress for the fashion magazine’s November issue. Recently, Annie Liebovitz revealed that she photographed both Rihanna and Anne Hathaway for the cover, so I’m hoping Anne‘s cover photo leaks soon as well. What do you guys think of Rihanna‘s cover? Honestly, me no lovey. I like it, but I prefer her first American Vogue cover. She also covered British Vogue a while back, and even that one was a little more interesting than this new jam. Maybe it’s the haircut, but RiRi just looks sooo skinny in the face and even though I love the red on her and thegrassy plains-esque setting, I just don’t lurve the cover! But check out the gallery for some of her other magazine covers that I have lurved. It’s hard to pick a fave, but I really like her last Vogue cover (the mermaid look, lol), and her blonde hair/orange dress get-up for Elle was also pretty sweet.


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  1. Becca

    Is it just me or does she cut her hair off every time she’s going through a rough patch?

  2. Luna

    oooh that cover photo doesn’t do her justice! she’s had better photos! :x

  3. Jem

    Super HOT!

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