Amanda Bynes Desperately Struggles For Attention By Staring Endlessly At Cupcakes


It’s been a bizzy few weeks for Lindsay Lohan … after she was hospitalized for “stress-induced pneumonia” she was allegedly attacked in her hotel room … then she got into an epic drunken brawl with her mother at 4AM after a long night of partying together which then lead to another fight with her estranged father. Basically, it’s been LINDSAY LINDSAY LINDSAY. Amanda Bynes continues her struggle to get some of the attention for herself with her own bad behavior but she seems to have fallen out of the competition. Today learn that Amanda was spotted in NYC staring for hours at cupcakes. I mean, that kind of behavior might get you a few odd stares but if you are seriously trying to replace Lindsay Lohan as the queenwreck of trainwrecks, you’re gonna hafta come at her with something more substantive.

Amanda Bynes acted bizarre at a New York City bakery recently … Amanda visited Little Cupcake Bakeshop and astonished everyone with her strangeness. “Her behaviour was unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” an eyewitness recalled to Star magazine. “She was wearing sunglasses-at night-tiny shorts and high heels, just walking around staring at the cupcakes-for two hours.” Amanda spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom. She apparently locked herself there for a half an hour. “The staff knocked on the door for 10 minutes,” the insider recounted. “A firefighter happened to be in the bakery and worried Amanda was in trouble-he kept yelling, ‘Please give us a sign if you are conscious.’ But no one was responding so he called the police and threw himself against the door to get in. “She said very calmly, ‘Oh, excuse me-I was doing my makeup,’ and left.” Her family and friends are reportedly afraid that Amanda is suffering from mental health issues.

HMMM. Now, of course, I cannot be sure about this “mental health” thing but it really does seem to me that Amanda is just looking for attention with her behavior. She’s managed to behave badly and still not yet really do anything really bad. Her DUI is problematic but chances are, nothing will come of it (since it’s her first arrest). This cupcake thing is just silly. Hiding in the bathroom is a sure way to get everyone’s attention (even if staring at cupcakes doesn’t quite get the job done). Once confronted with an official (ie. the fireman), she got the Hell out of there. It’s like she’s willing to do odd things to get noticed but once there’s a possibility she might really get in trouble, she bolts. I dunno. It’s just interesting that this cupcake story is coming out now after Lindsay’s “big week” in the headlines. I wonder how far Amanda will go just to stand out and be noticed.


  • Steph

    As someone who works in the field, I can say her attention seeking behaviour appears to be a symptom of something bigger. I love your blog Trent, but please be careful of stigmatizing mental health as “just wanting attention”, that’s how a lot of people fall through the cracks.

    • @Steph — Yes, very well could be … but I am not diagnosing her, no one should. I’m merely commenting on what I see and hear. In my UNPROFESSIONAL opinion, I see attention seeking behavior. As I make very clear, I could be wrong.

    • ella

      Attention-seeking behaviour itself is often tied into serious mental health issues.

      I agree that none of us can diagnose her, but I think Steph is just saying that it’s important to be careful about how we talk about people who appear to be acting very strangely, because mental health issues are often involved. Of course I know that this is a gossip blog :p but it’s just something to think about I guess.

  • TamTam

    The end of this story seems to be a repeat of another story about her being locked in a bathroom and then a fireman supposedly threatened to bang down the door… makes you wonder how much truth there is to this article to begin with. Either way, hopefully the girl’s parents can keep her out of the spotlight so that she can get help.

  • Niki

    Definitely an attention seeker! The plan is go downhill, act crazy and then have a BIG comeback! Does wonders to ur career cause u survived.

  • Alicia

    I think this happened a couple of weeks ago.

    • Jstar

      Me too, this sounds like a story from a couple weeks ago…