Watch: Lana Del Rey Releases A Ten Minute-Long Video For ‘Ride’


The last time we saw a crazy, sexy, epic short movie-type video, we were getting our lives changed by the visuals from Frank Ocean’s Pyramids. Lana Del Rey’s Ride (which we first heard a few weeks back) may not feature demon-possessed strippers (or John Mayer), but her new 10-minute long video is still pretty awesome. The narrative of the video shows us LDR as a wandering young beauty who finds herself in the arms of many-a-biker. Bad ass sugar daddies (and daddy issues, therefore) abound, and although the song and video have that familiar tragic Lana Del Rey feel (i.e. Summertime Sadness and National Anthem), Ride stands apart as more visually enticing, I think, than some of her other work. My favorite part comes towards the second half of the video where, for whatever reason, Lana is donning a Native American headdress. Love it!

What do y’all think of the new video? Ride was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin (ahhh, now the video really makes sense) and is the first single off Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. You can check out the lyrics (which I kinda lurve) over at DirectLyrics.


  • VV

    I hope she releases that (with the speech before and after the song) as an alternative version of “Ride” (watching this video was the first time I’ve heard the song – it’s fantastic).

    Still annoyed that I have to pay for tracks I already bought in the original version of “Born To Die”,

    • Tone

      You don’t though, The Paradise Edition will be sold both with BTD and separately. :)

  • Jessica

    what is her ethnicity?

    • VV


    • Shannon

      VV, whaaaaat?!?!

    • Krissy


    • Shannon

      Jessica, LDR is Scottish. She was born in NY.

    • Royal

      She is caucasian.

  • AM

    I am not really digging the cultural appropriation of the Native American headdress at all. This current culture of “exoticizing” the other is perplexing and troubling to me….

    • Shannon

      AM, I definitely see your point. But I think exoticization is not a new thing and we all do it on some level. The other is almost always other. In this case, I think it’s more of a visual, aesthetic thing which is why I like it. Still, I can see why it would bother someone with a different perspective.

    • Krissy

      AM, I am torn on the headdress. On one hand, it has always been a stunning image that is so incredibly beautiful. On the other hand, this is a part of their sacred traditions. I think if a person wears it, like Nicole Ritchie did in a twitter pic she shared of herself, you are taking a risk of being completely insensitive. It would be like a woman wearing a yamaka as a cute little hat on the side of your head, etc. It is pretty hard for me to buy that someone would wear this and not expect a negative reaction from the Native American community.

      I think it looks beautiful, but I think Lana probably just used it because it would offend people, and therefore create a scandal to get her video a bit more attention.

  • Juneh

    I love this video, seriously, it’s beautiful!

  • Clovrmay

    This video is so disrespectful to American Indians. I love this song and I love the whole lost girl part of the video but to wear a authentic Indian headdress, w a gun in your hand, and a American flag wrapped around your neck, saying you believe in the old America, is “fucking crazy”. On behalf of all Americans, I want to say to the American Indians, I’m soo sorry for this video, & the name of the team The Redskins in the NFL.

  • DP

    That video is horrible. The song is good.