Rihanna Heads Out For Dinner In Beverly Hills


Rihanna was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, as she made her way to E Baldi restaurant. The singer, who just released the cover art for Unapologetic (to uh mixed PITNBR reviews), was rocking a super-snug, super-cute short dress along with some sneakers. I’m still not over how much I love Rihanna’s hair… and how much I wish that was all I saw when I looked at her, lol. But such is the celebrity image! I’m now forced to have conflicting feelings every time I look upon her as an admirer, because I then have to shake my head in confusion over her personal, somewhat terrifying decisions. But in this moment, we’ll make it about the hair. The hair looks good Rihanna! As does the dress. As do the legs, make-up, and pretty much everything else. Congrats!

Photo Credit: Splash News