Michael Jackson’s Children Attend Their First Hollywood Party


Michael Jackson’s children — Prince Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Joseph, II aka Blanketmade an appearance on the red carpet last night at a Hollywood party hosted by Lindsay Lohan. With their aunt La Toya Jackson posing with them and product placement in hand, the kids mugged it up for the photographers on the red carpet before they all went inside the venue to party the night away. I honestly cannot imagine that MJ would have EVER allowed his children not only to attend a Hollywood party like this but would allow them anywhere near an event hosted by Lindsay Lohan. But, MJ has passed away and now the kids are free to do what the rest of the Jackson Family will allow. Click below to see some photos of the Jackson kids on the red carpet last night and read a bit about their big night on the town.

Looking much older than her 14-years, Paris Jackson stole the show when she arrived at a red carpet event on Thursday night in Beverly Hills.
The school girl even towered above her aunt, La Toya Jackson, as they dazzled in front of cameras at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The opinionated daughter of legendary superstar Michael Jackson appeared with her aunt and two brothers – Prince Michael I, 15, and Prince Michael II, 10 – also known as Blanket. Striking Paris wowed at the Mr Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in a pretty navy blue floor-length dress, with a dark navy scarf tied loosely around her waist. She accessorised her look with a diamond-encrusted jewel necklace and wore a small black handbag as she walked the red carpet. Her brothers both looked perfectly polished in tuxedos as their Aunt La Toya joined them to toast the launch party. La Toya, who will be starring in her own reality show next year on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, chose to wear an all-black ensemble with a sparkling overcoat, diamond earrings and platform high heels. While at the event, Paris tweeted: ‘rockin and rollin at @drinkmrpink’s launch!! @princemjjjaxon @latoyajackson’.

I dunno. These kinds of Hollywood parties are great for adults but I’m not sure it’s a good idea for children to be attending these things … am I wrong? While I sincerely doubt any of the kids were indulging in alcohol last night, I can’t help but think that a party like this is a TERRIBLE place for kids to be hanging out. I don’t know why Aunt La Toya thought it would be a good idea for these kids to attend but she is not the children’s guardian, their grandmother Katherine Jackson calls the shots. While it looks to me like the kids are the ones actually calling the shots, I hope they are reigned in a little bit. HMMM. This just looks so wrong to me … last night was a school night, even if kids are allowed out of the house on school night, they shouldn’t be up to anything more wild than a movie with friends. But, now that the genie is out of the bottle, I suspect this won’t be the last Hollywood party for these children. HMMM.

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  • Sam

    I love how Blanket always has a stank look on his face like: “Who you be? I’m the son of the King of Pop, BIETCH!”

  • Ella

    Trent you’re right. These functions are not for kids. Looking like an adult doesn’t make it okay for a 14 year old to be at an event like this. Blanket has NO business being there. The poor child always looks so miserable. And hosted by Lindsey Lohan? Of all people….Geesh.

  • nicole

    poor MJ, he must be rolling in his grave right now

  • Jill Martin

    This is so sad. Latoya will probably sell those kids if she could get away with it. Michael loved and protected them from this garbage. This is why he kept them hidden but these money lusting people are going to use them until they run them in the ground. Bet they are already on drugs. No one on earth is decent enough to raise these kids.

  • Ashley

    THIS REALLY IS SAD. That family needs to treat those children like CHILDREN and not accessories or dogs at a dog show. It’s not right. For God’s sake, at least leave Prince II at home. He clearly hates the spotlight and shouldn’t be forced to go out and pose for the camera.

  • Krissy

    “, I can’t help but think that a party like this is a TERRIBLE place for kids to be hanging out.”

    Totally agree. Not just because it was a party for adults, but because Lindsey Lohan was their. Hide your children!

    My bf and I were talking about this last night when we saw this event on some entertainment show like ET or Extra. Everyone saw what happened to Michael. We have seen so many child stars lose their way. How tragic it is to see his children being fed to the same machine that will be ready to spit them out once they have exploited them. They are children, they shouldnt’ be expected to know better and save themselves. The adults in their lives need to nip this in the bud. But seeing as La Toya knows she will get her picture taken (and published) simply because she is with MJs kids, I dont’ see that happening soon. And I think Prince I is going to look back at these photos and cringe. He looks a little like Corey Feldman.

  • Krissy

    Oh No!!!!
    I just saw on HuffPo’s front page, a picture of Paris from this event in her dark eyeliner, biting her lower lip, with the headline, “Not a Little Girl Anymore”. The flood gates have been opened for sexual exploitation. Sigh. I find this to be heartbreaking. I fear for her.

  • Megan

    Makes me sad. Poor Blanket always looks miserable

  • Alicia

    This is all terribly wrong. First, Michael would NEVER allow this. Second, minors shouldn’t be at any Hollywood parties, especially a 10 year old. Third, energy drinks are NOT HEALTHY, espcially for kids. I just, can’t. Every time I see things like this involving his kids, it makes me miss Michael more. And yes, I am especially concerned about Paris.

  • PixiesBassline

    I dunno… I just took my 13 year old to a concert last weekend. Some might say that’s not a good place to take a kid. They were also serving alcohol and the smell of weed was in the air… But my kid had a BLAST! And no one got hurt. My child is also very accustomed to hanging out with mostly adults anyway.
    On a side note – I agree with KRISSY – the eldest son has always reminded me of Corey Feldman! lol
    Paris is beautiful and Blanket is completely adorable.

  • Uarny

    When I first saw this on video at home after Michael died, I was so moved by the lyrics and Michaels voice. I cried and cried..Its such a buftuiael and powerful song. God, how goergeous was he RIP Michael.. Love from another Aussie fan xxxxxx

  • victoria latimoore

    jaw drops