Rihanna Announces The Release Of Her 7th Album Titled ‘Unapologetic’


Late last month Rihanna released the single Diamonds, the first from her then-untitled 7th album (due out next month). Today, Rihanna finally reveals the title of her new album along with the cover artwork for the album. Rihanna announced today on her official Twitter profile that her new album is titled Unapologetic … which, I gotta say, seems like a very aptly titled album (considering the questionable choices she’s been making lately). As you can see below, the album art features a topless Rihanna covered in only the titles of the songs featured on her new album. Check out the cover art below and see what you think.

#navy is it that time? / …. Here’s the cover / My NEW album “UNAPOLOGETIC” will be released on NOVEMBER 19th WORLDWIDE #Navy / #UNAPOLOGETIC

This album art is very Rihanna … clearly, she ain’t got much to be apologetic for and she has no f*cks to give. Thus far, this is the only information that we have about the new album. It’s due out on November 19th and it will feature (what looks to be) 15 songs — Side Effects, Love, 7, Censored, Victory, #R1, Happy, Fearless, Chalice, ROC, Unapologetic, Fun, Faith, #Navy and Diamonds. What do y’all think of this album art? Do you like?


  • Mark

    She ALREADY has a new album coming out? This is what, the twelfth one this year?

  • miguel

    HMM…NOT feeling this album cover, WAY too much going on.

  • apriljan

    Her album should be called ‘Grateful.’ After all her tirades and attitude problems, the general public STILL looks at her favorably. I feel for her, I know she’s been through a lot, and I truly love her music, but it’s about time that she stops acting ‘bad.’ It’s not impressive. I miss sweet Rihanna.

  • Alys

    @Aprilljan, the other name should’ve been “Pay Attention to Me.”

  • Grace

    Hope it bombs.

  • stanley

    What is it with people using hashtags everywhere BUT Twitter?

  • Sam

    Damn, does she ALWAYS have to have some whack ass secret society-type symbolism in her artwork/videos? So annoying!

  • Isabelle

    Oh look, she’ half naked again. *YAWN*

  • alicia

    incredible. lovin

  • emily

    I’m getting over her really fast … I used to think she was great, but her attitude is becoming too ridic to deal. “Questionable choices” is generous Trent … I must admit, she was rubbing me the wrong way for awhile with her bada$$ attitude and now these rumblings with the insufferable Chris Brown just sent me over the edge. A few girlfriends and I were discussing her the other day and we were all shocked by how passionate we were about her stupid decisions a la Chris Brown. Collective decision – over her.

    • apriljan

      @emily — PREACH.

  • Rachel

    I think RiRi is a chick that people LOVE to hate. However, I think “questionable choices” is fair, BUT just like she said–it ain’t nobody’s bidness. If she wants to get back with Fist Brown (credit to Dlisted for that nickname) and get cheated on or beaten, or whatever events could unfold, that really is HER problem. Also, the music should be somewhat independent of her personal choices. Normal women and men make decisions like hers on a daily basis… it’s nothing out of the ordinary. We AIN’T got a pony in that race. It’s her life, not ours.

    • apriljan

      @Rachel– As much as I want to agree with you about keeping her music independent from her personal choices, I can’t. It’s almost like saying, “Keep listening to Chris Brown’s music, regardless if he chooses to physically abuse women in his personal life.” Believe me, I was a staunch Breezy supporter and kept saying to give his music a second chance. However, after seeing that his behavior hadn’t changed, I’ve since taken myself out of his team. Both those artists know that they’re under constant scrutiny, so their business automatically become our business. And come on, with those normal women/men that make the same choices that she’s made, you know if we were in that same degree of separation, we’d be making an opinion on it as well. Like I said, I miss sweet Rihanna.

  • nicole

    oh hey, look shes topless – again.
    its too soon for another album..but predictable at the same time. whatever, she better hope she has something better then ‘diamonds’ on that album cause that song blows.

  • Artie Lee Bray

    This looks just like the cover for Gaga’s remix album from 2010…