Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, And Pharrell Are Cooking Up A New Track


Y’all. I am on pins and needles like cray right now! Jay-Z. Frank Ocean. And Pharrell Williams. All in the same studio, at the same damn time, doing what exactly?! Yes, we can safely assume that they are making new music, but I need more information! Pharrell was kind enough to share a picture of the three of them on Twitter, but the project remains a mystery. Click inside to get the few deets we have!

So here’s the picture:

And here’s the tweet:

Now where’s the single/full-length album/no way there’s an album because the world is lit’rally not ready for that ish??? Anyway, I’m excited (duh)! Whatever it is, I want, want, want and hopefully… I’m not hyping it up too much. But yeah, no, I definitely am because I can already tell that my expectations are ridiculously high based on very little information.

I was excited when Frank dropped that new song Blue Whale a few weeks back, which wasn’t even off his Channel Orange album. Now I’m wondering if the song they’re working on is for another Frank Ocean record… or… what? I have no idea! And that’s fine. In the meantime I’ll just keep Twitter stalking in ways that are totally healthy and not creepy for Pharrell or Frank Ocean. Mainly Frank Ocean… in terms of Twitter stalking.


  • Sam

    Ouuuuuuh girl you got me sweatin’ over here! So much talent in one room, I can’t take it!

    Btw, have I mentioned that my bb looks strikingly similar to Mr. Ocean? Yeah, I’m a lucky girl ;)

    • Shannon

      Sam, now why would you say that, knowing how I feel about Frank? I don’t wanna come to wherever you’re at and start breakin up happy home, lmao!

  • emily

    Hella talent in that room, very exciting. But what gets me most excited? Pharrell’s face. It’s so damn cute. Love his style too. Mos Def is my musical husband but Pharrell comes in a close second.