‘Gangster Squad’ Releases A Revamped Movie Poster


Over the Summer, Warner Bros. was planning to release the action film Gangster Squad in theaters but after the Movie Theater Shooting in Colorado, they decided to push back the release of the film until next January. As a result of the delay, a few scenes in the movie had to be reshot and production on the film started up again. Today we get to see the first new movie poster for the slightly revamped film. As you can see below, this poster is very colorful and it looks fairly similar to the poster artwork that was released previously for the film earlier this year. Check out this new Gangster Squad poster and see what you think.

After tinkering with the climax, Warner Bros. is now gearing up for the release of an adjusted Gangster Squad early next year and they’ve delivered a new theatrical poster. Rocking a throwback vibe fitting with the 1940s setting, we get to see some Photoshopped faces of Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Emma Stone as they surround the rest of our fiery cast. Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña, Robert Patrick, Josh Pence, Frank Grillo and Mireille Enos make up the additional ensemble for Ruben Fleischer’s drama.

I’m not exactly sure what parts of the film have been changed (or removed) but I do know that the film originally featured a gun massacre that takes place inside a movie theater. My guess is that that scene has been removed from the film. Honestly, after the delay was announced I totally forgot about Gangster Squad until I came upon this poster. I was really looking forward to seeing this film (mainly for the Ryan Goslingness) … I just hope that desire doesn’t wane as we continue to wait until next year.


  • Ella

    Does Emma Stone remind anyone else of Jessica Rabbit in that poster?