First Listen: Eve Releases A New Single Titled, ‘She Bad Bad’


In spite of all the fighting that was going on backstage, the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards actually brought me much pleasure. First of all Missy effing Elliot performed!!! And the cyphers brought back some of my favorite rappers of all time and by ‘some of my favorite rappers of all time’ I mean DMX. Sigh. And shouts-out to PITNBR Erica Croce. We may have shared a few good laughs at DMX recently (lmao) but he actually was in rare form, and sounded like a good rapper who is totally not struggling with drug problems, so that was a relief. DMX and E-V-E rounded out the so-called Ruff Ryders reunion (really, they were the only two Ruff Ryders there) and I was so, so excited to hear from Eve! Soon after the awards aired Eve released this new single She Bad Bad, and although it’s not her best work (lyrics are a bit lackluster, though the hook is awesome), I’m just reveling in the fact that Eve is back! Now if we can just get her back in the studio with Missy, the rap game might get some of that feminine fire back. No beef with Nicki, but we need some options here! Check out the song above. You likey? If not, you likey the return of Eve?


  • Jackie

    I forgot all about EVE. It’s been a long time, but it’s good to hear from her again. The song is OK, but I haven’t been much of a Hip Hop fan since the 90’s. :)

    • Shannon

      Jackie, I agree that the song is just OK, but I’m HOPING she’ll have some new singles that we’ll love. 90s hip hip really is like nothing else and Eve was definitely a big part of that; here’s hoping we get to experience some of that again on some level!

  • Jamie Beer

    If she can release an album half as good as scorpion ill be happy… still listen to that album now

  • nicole

    first Missy, now Eve… no wonder Nicki is on A.I, its the only way anyone is gunna remember who she is in 2013.