Watch: P!nk Releases A Music Video For ‘Try’


P!nk has unleashed a new music video for the latest single off of her new album The Truth About Love. For the new music video for her new single Try, P!nk has teamed up with a very talented (and extremely ripped) male dancer. As you can see above, P!nk and this dude dance their way thru their complicated relationship. Honestly, as a marginal P!nk fan, I have to say … I am crazy impressed with this video. I like the song, I really like the dancing. I think I may be turning into a genuine P!nk fan. Huh, who knew? Check out the video and see what YOU think. Are you impressed?

  • Nisim Z Fra

    One of the FEW decent pop acts out there that can actually sing, dance, perform, do everything. Katy Perry and the rest need to watch a TRUE performer. No more lip synching!!!!

  • Michael

    This was a really good video! Pink is awesome :D….. also that man is gorgeous! ^-^

  • Anne

    WOW super impressed. Not loving the song but the dancing is incredible and the video beautifully done

  • Brent

    When I got this CD i loved this song. P!nk is gorgeous and her body is like BAM! She is so talented and always makes great music.

  • Ken

    The dancer’s name is Colt Prattes. He’s also a personal trainer, and a great guy. You can follow him on twitter @Colt_RT!

  • nicole

    im still 50/50 on the song, but i love the video. whoever choreographed this video is amazing. (and i know im not the only one who thought if so you think you can dance while watching this lol)

  • Megan

    Very interesting. Hmm. I’d actually like to hear what Shannon though of it, I’m sure she’d have an interesting take.

  • ClaireBear

    God, I LURVE this beeyotch. ;)

  • Alys

    Jesus!! Her physical prowess is incredible.

  • Megan

    Not loving the song but that is one incredible video!

  • Diana

    Rihanna should talk to P!nk. I’ve also mostly just watched P!nk format he sidelines most of the time but the last couple of years she has really impressed me with her talent and the honesty of some of her songs. This choreography is just “Wow.”

  • Diana

    “from the sidelines

  • Grace

    I’ve always liked P!nk: she seems like a genuine and smart person, but like you, Trent, I was never a fan of her music.
    This video & song might change that. Amazing work.

  • t*

    This looks like it could have been choreographed by one of the ppl from SYTYCD

  • Erika

    LOVE the Lyrics…Eh with the vocals for the song. LOVE the video.

  • Ana

    That’s an amazing choreography, rough and beautiful at the same time, and it’s performed incredibly by P!nk and her partner, but I’m not sure that I get the right message… I mean, you’re in an abusive relationship and you have to get up and try to… what? Make things work out? Leave the hell out of it? Just wondering…

  • Dezden

    I’ve been listening to this album non-stop. This is one of my faves.

  • Jay Jay

    Once you see her perform in concert you’ll become a fan forever. She is amazing.