New Photos From The Set Of ‘RoboCop’ Hit The Internets


Last month we got our first look at actor Joel Kinnaman in character as RoboCop on the set of the reboot film. Today we get to see a whole slew of new photos that were snapped on the Toronto set of RoboCop. As you can see below, Kinnaman is rockin’ the new RoboCop costume and we get our first look at Michael Keaton on set as the villainous Raymond Sellars. In a few photos, RoboCop is on display … in other photos, he is armed for duty. Click below to see these fun new photos from the RoboCop set.

It’s unknown what, exactly, is going on here. If I were to extrapolate based on the plot of the original film, I’d say that the world is getting their first look at the new RoboCop, which is why he is on display in the glass box. Clearly, the arrival of RoboCop has sent some people into a panic, so a protest breaks out in oppositition to the new robotic cop:

But, protest against him or not, RoboCop has a duty to protect and defend the public … so, he whips out his gun and all Hell breaks loose:

Really, RoboCop is the tragic tale of a good cop who is almost killed off and finds new life as a robot. Then he has to struggle with his new identity all while having to deal with opposition from the people who want him dead and the public who fears him. It’s really a sad story, if you think about it. I hope this new film does the original film justice because I do love the original RoboCop. I think the new Robo costume is growing on me cuz I don’t really hate it at all. HMMM. I’d like to see more but so far, I like what I see.

[Photo credit: Newscom; Source, Source]

  • Luis

    I don’t know how I feel about the hands being exposed. I liked how the original was all robotic. It will be hard to top the original which are my favorites.