Movie Review: ‘Detropia’


After I did a bit of running around yesterday, I met up with my friend Josh Rosebrook for a dinner date so that we could catch up with one another. After we supped on some delicious sushi, I made my way to the newly renovated and re-opened Sundance Cinemas Theatre at Sunset 5 to see the documentary film Detropia. Back in July, Shannon wrote a post about this film and for some strange reason, LA is one of the last markets the film has opened in. The film opened here in LA this past weekend and last night was my first chance to see it so … I went. It is a haunting, painful and very important film … one that I am very glad I was able to see.

Having seen the trailer for the film, I was at first hesitant to see this film. It’s no secret that Detroit, the city that I love so dearly, is in dire straits (has been for decades now) and I was afraid that all I would do is cry my eyes out while watching this film. Yes, I did tear up but I was able to keep it together. Detropia spotlights the harsh realities that plague Detroit these days and altho it doesn’t really offer any answers, it does highlight quite effectively the idea that the decay of Detroit could easily move to more US cities if we don’t act soon. I was really struck by the scene where two Swedish tourists were featured on camera. They were asked why they chose to vacation in Detroit. They said the reason the wanted to visit Detroit is because they were so bored with the order, cleanliness, thriving country they live in every day (Sweden) that they wanted to visit a decaying city to see what living in an opposite environment is like. Man. I urge all y’all to see this film … if for no other reason than to get an education on what Detroit is going thru. While painful to watch, it’s very important that we do not bury our heads in the sand and that we pay attention to the demise of one of the greatest cities in our country.

Tonight, I’ll be making my way to the Henry Fonda Theater to see The Wallflowers in concert. The band is doing a reunion tour right now and I am really happy I’m getting the chance to see them all together again, live in concert. I hope YOU are having a great Tuesday :D

  • Joanna

    Have the best time seeing the Wallflowers and party like it’s 1997 lol. Wish I could attend. Love them.

  • marissa

    Good Luck with the Wallflowers. I fell asleep when they played at the Gibson Theater way back when.

  • Karen

    That is fascinating about the Swedes. It reminds me of how people from the US go on “poverty tours” in places like South Africa.

    • @Karen — UGH :( Really? I’ve never heard of such a thing .. but sadly, I’m not surprised :(