Justin Bieber Enjoys Beer Pong


A previously unseen photo of underage popstar Justin Bieber has made its way to the Internets that shows the young man present during a game of beer pong. Now, it’s important to make clear that in the photo, The Biebs is not seen playing the game but he is standing next to the game table, next to a set of red cups that presumably contain beer. Naughty Naughty. To be fair, I’d say 99.9% of beer pong games are played by underage kids so this isn’t really shocking news … except for the fact that JB is famous (and therefore, a “role model” for impressionable children even younger than he is). Click below to see Justin Bieber caught in the act.

He might not be enrolled in school … but Justin Bieber is definitely getting a taste of the college experience … ’cause we got a photo of the Biebs playing an intense game of BEER PONG. Even though he’s underage, we know Bieber pounded some beer during the game … just like every other underage college kid across the country. The question — which country? One source connected with Bieber — who was not there — says the game went down on Canadian soil … or in Georgia (he travels a lot, it’s hard to keep track). Either way, the source says it happened a year and a half ago, which would have made Bieber 17-years-old … and too young to legally booze in either country. Another source — who was there — swears it happened in Alabama back in June … which still makes Biebs too young to booze.

HMMM. Honestly, I’m neither surprised nor at all shocked by the idea of Bieber possibly playing beer pong … what I am shocked is by the image of the little man wearing a handkerchief around his neck like a bank robber. Hahahaha. Even tho JB is rich and famous, he’s still a kid who wants to fit in and be cool. I’m sure he loved being invited to hang out with the “cool kids” at their beer pong tourney and he was happy to represent with his “swag”. It occurs to me that too much drinking might lead to too much puking on stage. Curious, no? I guess the lesson here is DO NOT follow Justin Bieber’s lead … whether it be in terms of possible underage drinking or silly fashion choices — Just Say NO!


  • Lacey

    In all fairness, he is legal to drink in some provinces in Canada. If this picture was taken in Alberta (I know it wasn’t), it wouldn’t be underage drinking.

    • @Lacey — The drinking age is 17? It’s possible this photo was taken last year.

    • Lacey

      @Trent – whoops, I missed that part. The age in Alberta is 18. I didn’t realize that picture was taken last year.

    • @Lacey — Well, we don’t really know when it was taken … as the cited article says, it could’ve been taken last year or it could’ve been taken as recently as June … anywhere in the world. Even tho it’s a naughty photo, IMHO, JB doens’t have to worry about getting into trubs ;)

  • Sam

    lol, his would explain the retching onstage if this photo was indeed taken, say, right before his concert.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    Beibs is 18. Legal age in Canada varies but is usually 18/19 with exceptions where it can be legal as low as 16 if consumed at a private residence. I say no big deal. He’s having fun being as normal as someone like him can be.

  • Megan

    If this is the ‘naughtiest’ thing that he is doing than I really don’t think we have much to worrying about. I personally think the 21 age limit in America is ridiculous, I even think 18 is too old…I like the way way mainland Europe do it, 16 for beer and wine and then 18 for spirits etc.

    • @Megan — I doubt there is any photographic evidence of the naughtiest thing he is doing, tbh.

  • Krissy

    Beibs is still the Beibs. He could be doing lines of coke off the boobs of strippers, and he would still seem like a giant 12 year old to me.

    • @Krissy — Yep :)