First Look: ‘The Canyons’ Releases A ’70’s Thriller’ Style Teaser Trailer


Back in June we learned that Lindsay Lohan managed to nab herself the role of porn star in a new Bret Easton Ellis filmed titled The Canyons. In July, we saw photos of L. Lo on the set of the film … hard a work. Today we get to see the first of 3 teaser trailers for The Canyons. This first teaser trailer is meant to look like a 70’s thriller style trailer (the next two teasers are meant to look like a 30’s comedy style and a 50’s melodrama style). Honestly, this first trailer — no matter what style they are going for — looks cheap as Hell. BUT, I’m guessing, they’re gonna say it’s meant to look like that so … there. Check out the trailer and see what you think. Lindsay Lohan’s acting career is getting back on track, are y’all ready for that?

  • Jenn

    uhhh. no thank you. and yes, it does look cheap. the car at the end was a toyota carolla…maybe a camry if I’m not mistaken. at least get an avalon! oh.

  • Rachel

    So sad that for the one second clip they used of Lindsay acting, it was apparent just how bad her acting was. Doesn’t look like it’s got much hope of reviving her career.

  • VV

    ’70s, not ’70’s.

    • @VV — Belonging to the 70’s?