First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Single ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’


Taylor Swift has released the second single from her new album Red and today we get to hear that new track in full. I Knew You Were Trouble is Taylor’s latest offering and it gives us a first taste of her new sound. As you can hear above, Taylor is experimenting with Dub Step in this very pop-rocky song. As you may know, Swift has enjoyed huge popularity as a Country music performer but it sounds like she is deffo going the more mainstream route on her new record. Dub Step … I mean. Take a listen, see what you think. Do you like?

  • Kate


  • Lulu

    I like it a lot actually!

  • Sam

    At least it sounds different from her other songs, which all sound the same to me! Now let’s wait and see if the rest of album will sound like this (I’m betting on YES)

  • Tabitha Miles

    I actually love it!

  • nicole

    not a fan of it. but atleast its finally a song that sounds different from everything else she does

  • Ivan Alvarez

    Mmm I really love it ^^!

  • Megan

    I like it…it’s like a pop-ed up version of an Ellie Goulding track (particularly like Figure 8 from her new album!).

  • AmandaMarie

    It’s not true dub step. It’s definitely influenced by it, but unless there’s some bigger messier bass somewhere in the song, it’s only influenced by it… That being said…. I adore it!

  • Megan

    I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, but this might take a few listens for me to get into. I do like the chorus though. But all the repeating is annoying to me

  • Shannon

    Whoa. I know I’m late, but as soon as the beat dropped I was in love. Weird. But yeah, I love it!