Britney Spears Films A ‘Top Secret’ Video In A Secret Location


Britney Spears is sharing a mysterious new photo that was taken on the set of what she calls a “top secret” video that will debut soon on VEVO. As you can see in the full size image below, Britney is seated and appears to be facing a camera as if she were giving an interview … or something like that. Because she specified that the video is for VEVO, I do not expect this “top secret” whatever-it-is to have anything to do with The X Factor … at least, I don’t think. Click below to see the image and help me speculate what the heck might be going on.

Shooting something top secret with VEVO today. Can’t wait for u guys to see it…

I can’t wait for us guys to see it, either. Again, because she mentions VEVO, I don’t believe that this clip will have anything to do with her TV show or any of her newly released products (the Twister Dance game or her Fantasy Twist perfume) but I could be way off. VEVO is like the MTV of You Tube … a place for MUSIC VIDEOS. I would LOVE for Brit Brit to drop a NEW music video on us for a NEW SONG but I think my imagination is getting away from me. What do y’all think she might be filming? Any wild guesses? I hope we don’t have to wait long … I agree with Britney wholeheartedly when she says, “I hate f*ckin’ waitin’“.


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  1. i know VEVO does a lot of interview things….maybe thats it?

    • @nicole — HMMM, I didn’t know they did interviews. I actually hate VEVO, I’m really happy when videos posted on VEVO are also posted on You Tube which is MUCH MORE user-friendly. Either way, I can’t wait to see what this could be :D

    • I’d definitely say an interview. They often do a lot of interviews with new artists where they exclusively answer fan questions,Jessie J did one, so maybe this is a video asking her fans to send in questions?

  2. Ashley

    LOVE the gif!! Just about sums it up!

  3. Maria Ann

    She probably had her videos “certified” on VEVO. VEVO has certified the videos of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and others. I think the video needs to have over 100M views.

  4. miguel

    Maybe it’s for the VEVO Certified?…

  5. Eba

    Mabey the new music video “Sexy sexy” with

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