Watch: Who Is Perfume Genius And Why Is His New Video For ‘Take Me Home’ So Cool?


They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover but I always judge books by their covers and I def watched this new video based solely on the fact that the name ‘Perfume Genius’ totally caught my eye. What a name! And to top it off, what a song! Take Me Home is the latest single from the Seattle-born artist and, although this is my first time ever listening to him I understand that he has quite a following. And I can see why! The video has a simple but intimate concept, and I absolutely love the song– although I wouldn’t recommend listening to it late Friday night after one-too-many drinks. Wait. No. Definitely listen┬áto it late Friday night after one-too-many drinks. And listen to it now.

Any Perfume Genius fans out there? How late am I, lol?


  • M.

    He’s been around for a few years but it’s awesome that you’ve discovered him! Listen to ‘Learning’, it’s such a great record.

    • Shannon

      M. thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m listening now (and enjoying the debate on YouTube about the lyrical meaning). He’s really something else.

  • rOXy

    He’s got great legs and works it for filth! And apparently, also has a case of the munchies. lol Love that you showcase artists who aren’t mainstream (yet). I[m always looking out for new stuff and you’ve got that on tap. :)

  • Seth Leeper

    loving this. i clicked on one of the links post-video and discovered “hood”. really digging that song!

  • Jennie

    He was on tour with Sigur Ros this summer. I saw them in Toronto, and really enjoyed his performance. He’s really cute and soft-spoken on stage.

    • Shannon

      Jennie, thanks for commenting. It’s good to have a little context. He seems like he’d give a sweet live show.